DVD Review: C Control (2011)

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C (also known as C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control) is about a economic student named Yoga who just wants to earn money to support a family (nothing wrong with that). Problem is that he can barely seem to stay awake during class with him having two jobs and up all night studying (looks like his chances of him passing on to a good well paying job is looking pretty slim). One night he is approached by Masakaki who is some weird little demon like dude who offers Yoga a chance to earn some big money in which Yoga refuses at first (there's an anime cliche right there). Yoga eventually takes the offer and is taken to a place called “the financial district” where he must battle other people in what feels like a fighting game. Luckily enough Yoga is not alone in the battle as he is given a familiar (also known as assets in the show) named Msyu to battle with.  (Click "Read More" for full review).

Kaisers Note: Yes you do get to see this chick naked.
While the shows story is cliche the characters are what makes this show special. They are written very well and you will end up giving a pretty big damn about them however not saying that they are perfect by any means as I do have some problems with the main character. You remember that first episode of Neon Genesis Evangellion where Shinji acts all whiny because he doesn't want to fight? Well that's my problem with Yoga when he goes into battle but unlike Shinji who man ups over time Yoga whines in every battle and it annoys the crap out of me which is a shame as Yoga is a very solid character so to see them lower this character to “first battle mode” every battle really upsets me.
The dub in C is pretty good...wait a minute I'm taking that back, the dub is more than good it's great. The dub for the show is the best since I have heard in a long time with voice-work that suits the characters perfectly and with the combination of the good character writing it fuses the two elements to make some very memorable characters that will last the test of time. Artwork of the show is also really great with some very beautiful scenery, well drawn characters and very smooth animation. The look of the characters feel very magical like I'm watching a classic fantasy film like The Neverending Story mixed in with the TV show Digimon (yes that's a weird comparison but seriously man, that's what it felt like to me).
Come with me and I'll take you to Neverland.
Very minimal on the special features department but still some good stuff nonetheless. What you get is audio commentary on episode five and eleven by the Funimation crew. Episode five has the English script writer and the ADR director talking about what it was like working on adapting the script and dubbing the English track. Episode eleven has some of the voice actors talking about the show and telling random stories about conventions (and stalker fans). I'm a fan of Funimations audio commentaries and these ones were just as good as the rest I've heard so far and is recommended (after you've finished the show that is). Other special features includes text-less credits which is not unusual to see in anime DVDs.
I think this dude is checking me out.
Overall it isn't a perfect show but is still pretty damn good and I highly recommend checking this show out.

Title: C
Genre: Anime/Animated, Action,Fantasy
Running Time: 300 minutes (11 episodes)
Animation Studio: Tatsunoko Production
Distributor: Siren Visual
Rating: M15+ (Mature Themes, Animated Violence, Coarse Language)
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes


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