Tiger Claw Radio #113 - NCAA Snowboard 1942

Posted by Critical Failure On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 2 comments

Shadow Warrior, Corner Pub nonsense and some lady singing in Japanese  Enjoy this return to TCR! Merry Christmas!

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theGamingBeast said...
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theGamingBeast said...

We really need to play Shadow Warrior online on your maps. Also maybe Duke Nukem 3D. Great Episode man. Loved the VVVVVV chiptune. That game had so many great songs.

I need to play that again, maybe make a level. The end of that game was ridicolously hard, but doable, its weird because once you would get in the "rythm" of the traps it seems to flow well, then you get caught at a harder part. I cant wait to play Age of Wonder, but I want to play the singleplayer a little. Disciples 1 isnt bad but I hear the second one is great. HOMM 3 would be badass to play. I wanna play this Civ2 game further.

Yeah the last D&D session we went through a bunch of different players with only 3 constant players including you (CF). Even from the 3 we lost one because he was a Drama Queen a Passice Agressive Rules Laywer (you know who Im talking about *inside joke*). I wanna get into Wing Commander more too. Too many games not enough time. I got Shadow Warrior, Carmageddon all the Sierra Quest games and Alien Breed (the first 2 classic ones). I got to watch out with my spending, lol. My Brother was the same, I would watch him playing games, fun times. Thats a Whole different story I wont get into.

Man I really wihs to go to MAggfest, that LAN party would be sweet. I plan on going there 2014. Cornerpub was funny, gonna check out DOTA 2 and LOL because at work I got two colleges that love LOL (League of Legends, LOL ;) )

All I have to say to the Anyway great Episode I wish you a merry christmas, Holydays and a happy New Year!

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