DVD Review: Golgo 13 (2008-2009) Volume 4

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Golgo 13 is an episodic series about the hit-man Bruce Togo (also goes by the name Golgo 13) and the jobs he is paid to do that range from, assassinations , sabotage and even protection jobs. The show has a very basic layout, guy pays Golgo, Golgo goes to pay for weapon he needs, Golgo sleeps with a hooker, Golgo picks up weapon, Golgo waits for the right moment to strike, Golgo completes job. This formula can feel repetitive but hardly ever boring which is one of best things about the show. Volume four (also known as Part 4 in Australia and Collection 4 in America) is the final volume of the series and includes episodes 38 to 50 (a bit surprised that this show lasted that many episodes). After the disaster that was volume three I nearly gave up on the show completely but after watching this one I'm glad that I decided to give it a watch as it has everything that drew me into the show in the first place. (Click "Read More" for full article).

I paid 25c for this view?
What makes these good episodes is the action and there is a lot of insane stuff in this volume that will make you say “no way, tell me he didn't just do that”. But what makes these episodes great is the inclusion of really great suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end of the show. It is also rare to see suspense pay off in any show but this one does great justice and will leave you very satisfied and wanting to see more. Sadly the show is still episodic which holds back some of the storytelling that should have been told over two to three episodes to flesh them out the stories a bit more.
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Animation is pretty smooth and the 2D artwork looks pretty radical but I do have a problem with the CGI, while the 3D models are not bad looking by any means they do look very unnatural blended in with the 2D which makes it Feel like I'm seeing scenes from the recent Appleseed films being used as stock footage. Character designs still feels very repetitive like that they are just re-useing the same designs but mark them as different characters. Soundtrack is really good and will get your blood pumping with adrenaline due to its jazzy use of the symphonizer and electric guitars that are just pure exciting to listen to.
Normally the final volume of an anime has some really nice extras that they saved to thank us for finishing the show. Unfortunately I was really disappointed with the special features as all we is the same stuff from the previous three volumes which are text-less opening and closing credits. While the features fall flat on its ass the quality of the episodes are more than enough to make this a very worthy piece to your amine collection. I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Title: Golgo 13 Part 4
Genre: Anime/Animated, Action
Running Time: 320 minutes (12 episodes)
Animation Studio: The Answer Studio
Distributor: Siren Visual
Rating: M15+ (Animated Violence, Sex Scenes, Nudity, Infrequent Coarse Language)
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes


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