Burger Quest #2 : (Meat)Balls to the Walls (Bleach Week 2013 Special Day 3)

Posted by Retrokaiser On Wednesday, June 12, 2013 3 comments


DeathBurger83 said...

The crunchy bread sounded awesome, I too shall start a search for the perfect burger! Legend has it that Burger Rider is the only man to have ever found THE PERFECT BURGER.

Balzak802 said...

Need more Burger Quest. You should also give the burger a score next time after you are done eating similar to what Burger Rider did. Also, recording your quest to getting the burger would also be cool too.

theGamingBeast said...

Kaiser! Putting big meaty Balls into his mouth! ;) Good Episode man, we need more Burger Quest! You are like the Burger Rider of the future!

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