DVD Review: Eagleheart Season 1 (2011)

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Eagleheart is a comedy cop show about a marshal named Chris Monsanto (played by Chris Elliott) that gets assigned two new partners named Susie Wagner who the a strong, smart, levelheaded one of the group (played by Maria Thayer), and Brett Mobley, the dumb one that everybody uses (played by Brett Gelmaan) after his last partner tragically died on a mission by jumping into an airplane propeller from trying to do a leap frog kick.  Wanting to avenge the death of his former partner he goes to kill the mob boss that he was after on that mission but he just can't do it as the mob boss he wanted to kill has suffered brain damage from an explosion and now has the mind of a four year old child.  Chris feels bad so he helps him rehabilitate so he can kill him when his brain damage has healed.  This is just one example of how crazy this show can get with insanity that will make you go "well that doesn't make sense" and "this is batshit insane" and that's the reason why this show is awesome.  Other crazy things that our heroes go through is, fighting sky crime, busting a cocaine dealing puppet maker, beating evil twins, finding out secrets about the Chinese that changes the way we think of the world, and much much more in these crazy nonsensical hard boiled action packed episodes of Eagleheart. (Click "Read More" for full article).

You will see them bust some serious kung-fu.
The acting is very reminiscent of shows like VIP, the Charlie's Angels films, Jean Claude Van Dame action movies, and a Chuck Norris joke book.  This isn't a bad thing as it adds a ton of charm to the show and it also makes me nostalgic for those shows that I've mentioned making me want to watch those old shows and poke fun at them.  The comedy is really over the top and so is the action with some very gory fight scenes that are done in a very comedic way where it makes it more funny than gross.  This show is also very quotable adding to the charm and also helps make it a very memorable show (Sky-crime).   The episodes are only ten minutes long but they are very filling with no time wasted on filler.  This is also one of those few shows where every episode is nearly perfect and you will find yourselves watching them over and over again.

You will see them bust some serious crime.
This set is loaded with explosive special features including deleted scenes, outtakes, a kill reel that tallies up the body count, television ads, a panel from comic con that has the cast and crew answering questions and promoting season two, an incomplete version of the original pilot (I'll get to that one soon), and a whopping twenty audio commentary tracks with the cast and crew talking about the show.  The commentary tracks go over the typical stuff you would hear but they are also fun to listen too. 

You will see them bust some serious dance moves.
Going back to the "incomplete pilot episode" you will see that the show wasn't always a crazy parody of 1990's - early 2000's crime shows.  What you get is a show that resembles more of the television show "Extras" (starring that British comedian I don't like because he is too damn annoying).  The pilot is about an actor named Chris (played by Chris Elliott) that has the lead role of the show Eagleheart.  Chris is one of those actors that like to take control of the whole production just because he has the lead role.  During an on-stage accident they lose their producer making the whole team a laughing stock.  During pre-show joke practicing for The Conan O'Brian Show one of the higher ups try to talk Conan O'Brian (played by Conan O'Brian) out of making fun of the producers death but Conan just laughs and continues on practicing anyway.  The higher up businessman snatches Conan's cue cards and runs off and Conan chases him and trips over and breaks his leg.  The higher up businessman gets called in to the boss and miraculously doesn't get fired although he does get a severe demotion.  He goes from being a higher up businessman all the way to (you've guessed it) the new producer for Eagleheart.  This was a very interesting watch and in my opion it was more clever than the version we have now (and the version we have is pretty brilliant) and makes me wonder about what the show would've been like if it had kept this formula and I am also glad that they did go the way of the crime show parody route at the same time.
You will see them bust some serious moments.
Overall this is a very excellent comedy series that will leave you laughing until you will need a wheelchair to get.  It will make your arse drop off and your hips explode from all the awesome injected into your nipples and cranium.  I highly recommended watching this one... Unless you want me to give you a deathpunch and then steal your family and have sex with your mother in law so I can steal her meatloaf recipe so I can make the perfect bowling ball.

You will see them bust some serious sex appeal.

Title: Eagleheart Season 1
Starring: Chris Elliott, Maria Thayer, Brett Gelman, Michael Gladis
Studio: Dakota Pictures, Conaco, Williams Street
Genre: Comedy, Action
Running Time: 134 minutes (12 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au)
Rating: MA15+ (Strong bloody violence, Coarse language, Brief nudity)
Price: $29.95
Recommended: Yes


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