Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 126

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, March 20, 2022 13 comments

In this episode I sit in my game room and complain about the state of the modern world and tell strangers about the games I've played since the last episode.  Check it out!


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Death Adder said...

I am picturing Joe Biden trying to convince Nintendo to give the suffering Russian citizens their digital copy of Mario Kart 8 back.

Joe Biden: "Now listen here smooth skins, you better toothpaste right now or else apple sauce microwave space wagon, you understand smooth skins?"

Nintendo: "Um, Mr. President, can you please stop sniffing our staff?"

Joe Biden: "You'll rue the day you crossed me smooth skins, SPOOOOON!!"


I think I am pretty much a PC gamer now myself, you have…

-The ability to emulate all of the golden era games for free.
-Steam with its sexy interface and great community features. where you can actually download the game you just bought.
-and as you mentioned the discounts, imagine paying more than five dollars for a game, LOL.

Elden Ring and The King of Fighters 15 are modern games that appear to be untouched by the demons on Earth, and I would like those. A swig of orange juice for Mai Shiranui's Swing Low, Sweet Chariots!

I also haven’t had a genuine Jean-Luc Picard to Data style conversation with Mecha Menace in awhile either, but at some point, maybe in a YouTube video, he mentions some old bag he met garage selling who wanted Mecha Menace to come by and do chores for her, it sounded like she wanted more. Maybe Mecha can elaborate here. Watch it, Mecha probably has a 14 inch unit………isn’t that always the way.

Death Adder said...

Song request for Mondo Cool Cast 127

More Than You by Jason Heine

mechaMenace said...

For all that Joe Biden isn't, I am thankful that he isn't giving into pressure to start WW3...yet. I'm sure people have thought about it, but what's stopping any nuclear power from duck-stepping into other countries? Call my bluff! I hope the Russians love their children too.

mechaMenace said...

I never know where I should leave comments. There's the YT post, MCC thread, and then the post on the MCC main page. I left them on the main post in the past, so I'll continue doing this. Do you have a preference?

mechaMenace said...

33:00 A lot of these companies are virtue-signaling to show that they are "doing something." I'm tired of people who expect others to do anything. Those people could request lawmakers advocate their pleas (some of which are also probably disingenuous, only made appeal to their group). It's all BS wrapped up in fakery that doesn't like being held accountable. These people are coddled. Giving into or aligning with them ahead of their caterwauling isn't strengthening their pre-frontal cortex decision-making. They do make entertaining freakout videos though.

mechaMenace said...

1:22:49 BTW, you can eject Wii discs without fully powering on the system. Plug it in and press eject, not power. If there is a disc, it ejects, and powers off.

mechaMenace said...

1:29:12 Those Gusson games (spelling?) looked fun from what I've seen in the past. I think they spill over onto the PS1 and Saturn as well. I remember them looking like Tetris Plus. The one on PS1 is pretty much Bubble Bobble-esque and was released in Europe. I think that keeps its price down, though playing PAL games on NTSC is not impossible. It used to be a $20 game. Last I checked, it was $50-$60. I should have bit the bullet earlier like so many other pre-PANDA purchases.

mechaMenace said...

1:51:08 You know--this whole long rant--maybe it's because my respons is text rather than speaking, but it wasn't meant to set you off about social-engineering. My comments were just about the cycle of the commercialization of technology. I do share all your thoughts. I would say that when we were growing up, we had some of that sanitization too.

I loved watching Looney Tunes (still do). Elmer Fudd shot a gun in the face of Bugs and all that happened was his face was covered with soot. In the 80s, they replaced bullets with lasers because what kid could get their hands on lasers. We got PSAs in the end credit of toons. We got helmet laws. Side note: I thought helmets were lame as a kid. As someone who rides a bike everywhere, you never know when you need them. From falling off to getting hit by two tons of metal and plastic capable of driving 88 feet per second, that helmet protects you from your own mistakes as well as those of others. Ok, let's get back to toons. I think you have to go searching for the right toons. They still make them, but you have to find them. Adventure Time is a great series. It reminds me of those weird stories and game maps I'd draw during class. I'm sure you did similar. Man, we should really do a pre-2000s toon list or chart.

Death Adder said...

What are you talking about, I am riding with Biden, I love the guy. My friend best friend Tyqwevious voted for him, Christine Weston Chandler voted for him, and Twitter verified Seth Rogan voted for him, those are three of the smartest people I know.

You posted your pre-2000's cartoon list on the forum 4 months ago, and of the 5 people there I was the only one who participated, hence making my list the definitive list. Even you flaked out on it.

Too Long, Didn't Read: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is the best cartoon ever made.

Looney Tunes is back ground fodder at best, I'll take a juiced up guy on a green tiger beating down a skeleton man with a sword over a Elmer Fudd any day.

Except for Foghorn Leghorn............Foghorn would have fit perfectly in to the Master's of the Universe cartoon.

mechaMenace said...

I sa..I say nah...this means woar!

Yeah, my sarcasm was not well typed when I pointed out the cartoon list. 'Somebody should make a list, hyuk!' Sometimes people use /s to point out sarcasm in text, but I think it's uncouth since you don't normally point out sarcasm when talking, because only people with low EQ have trouble discerning the "funny."

I'd take Wile E. Coyote spats with Road Runner over Leghorn, though I'm down for any Looney Tunes.

I dropped the toon thread because of lack of interest. Even Critical Failure failed to follow through on the promotion I made using the comments section in his cast. I hoped that it might catch stragglers that don't check the forum every week.

British Steel said...

I share your frustration regarding woke-propagandized entertainment media these days. My boy is 3 and the wife and I have been selective on his tv/YouTube intake. Thankfully he's a stereotypical boy so he's into things colored-hair heathens are not likely to ruin yet; dinosaurs, monster trucks, trains, tractors/heavy machines and so on. (I am intentionally avoiding gun stuff until I am ready because they're so taboo in the education system and I don't want him talking about them the wrong way or other potential mishaps).

The plus side of that is that he's inherited my engineer-brain and is way interested in mechanical things. He only wants to watch those kinds of videos, as well as Blippi (which is really heavy on applied science). That really helps in avoiding the pitfalls of TV trying to groom our kids into you-know-what.

That degeneracy has, of course, infected our already-crappy education system, which explains the rise in homeschooling and parochial school enrollment. I'm legitimately afraid of the world our kids are going to live in.

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