Album Review: Crosses - Crosses (2014)

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That's right folks, it is time for the third edition of "Kaiser Records: Written Edition" (even though this is the first time I am using that title for my written music reviews). On this edition we will be taking a look at the debut self titled album from the band "Crosses". So far I have been reviewing albums song for song but this review is one of the few cases where I'll be reviewing the album as a whole. What did I think of it? Find out after the jump. (Click "Read More" to read the review).

Crosses is the debut album from the band of the same name. The band is a three piece which consists of Chino Moreno (from Deftones), Shaun Lopez (from Far), Chuck Doom.  The main sounds you will hear on this album are of dark gothic sounding electronics mixed with hard rock instruments. It works pretty well in this case as they don't over do it with the electronics and keep it basic. The electronic sound also builds up a very cold atmosphere that's perfect for listening with the headphones on under a lamp while the sun is down (and maybe throw in a mystery substance for extra enjoyment). Drums on this album compliment the electronics pretty well and builds up a very nice beat to go along with it. There are some songs that use guitar and while it is good it isn't great and can sound fairly generic at times and decent at best. Vocally it sounds fine with a ghostly jazz sound and if you are familiar with Chino Moreno's vocal work with "Deftones" then the songs sound just like that of a Deftones song. That can also be a problem also as it'll lead to confusion to whether or not you are listening to a Deftones song or a Crosses song. I do give him credit for delivering a very nice vocal performance though as he uses a decent amount of emotion and can sound eerie and beautiful. Lyrically there are some songs with some very nice lyrics but for the rest the lyrics are above average at best.

A good chunk of these songs are actually just re-recordings from their two previous EPs (Extended Plays), "EP1 (2011)" and "EP2" (2012). I don't mind that they did that as I haven't heard those EP's yet but it is also a little lazy. Some of the songs on this album made me feel a little dirty as they are quite sleazy with some arousing sexual innuendo going on. While not too hardcore (they are actually quite mild) I did felt the need to have a cold shower as my brain was flooded with dirty thoughts (not that you really needed to know that) but that wasn't the only thing that set it off as the sounds are quite relaxing and also puts you in a very sensual mood (it basically makes you horny to put it bluntly).  The production on this album is good with well mixed instruments and a nice clear sound to boot.

A huge problem I have with this album is that you will find it to be quite forgettable minus a few songs. Another problem I have with the album is that at fifteen tracks it can get quite long winded and towards the last five tracks you'll be like "I am enjoying this and all but when will it be over as it's getting a bit too long". Overall this album is good but nothing groundbreaking and is best recommended for those who are a fan of Deftones. Actually this whole album sounds like something from the band Deftones with only a little less creativity and rock. This album is worth a listen nonetheless but not anything you'll listen to daily.

Album: Crosses
Artist: Crosses
Genre: Electronic, Gothic, Rock
Running Time: 56 Minutes (15 Tracks)
Label: Sumerian
Distributor: Warner Music Australia (
Price: $17.99
Recommended: Yes


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