Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 124

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, December 18, 2020 3 comments

It's a new podcast!

Well it looks like December is when I can be bothered to crank out podcasts.  Hopefully the MCC spice starts flowing more freely in the coming days my guys.


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Death Adder said...

Hilarious Power Ranger intro.

I've never seen a problem with emulation, collecting would be different if old video games were still 5 dollars a pop, but the All Gen Gamers with their infinite rock star like charisma made it cool to collect old games, so that's over with. I plan on taking my Sega Genesis Mini with my digital copy of Chester Cheetah Too Cool Too Fool to the grave with me.

Speaking of Red Box, did you ever finish your game of Skyrim on the PS3 from back in 2011?

I did listen to your episode on Retro Blissed, those southern gents were comfy AF and had a good sense of humor. 10 out of 10 would go to a church barbecue with them.

Yeah we can record something sometime, I just don’t like to talk about how I want to go ass to mouth with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while I wear black face during the daytime. I can usually go full retard after 10:30 pm eastern time. I even recorded a podcast with Balzak that has 3 views on it lol.

Hope to see more Mondo Cool Casts in the near future brother.

mechaMenace said...

My original comment on YT is still viewable to me; however, it is not visible to anyone else. I checked in private / incognito mode.

I will leave it here since I've had better luck with blogger accepting all sorts of trash talk. Google has given up on moderating what plebs do here. It's pretty antiquated and I'm surprised Google keeps it up. Maybe there's a revenue stream from blog sites that's higher than what Google pays the bots to maintain this site. F'em. Actually Fuck EM!

My next comment is actually my first and it is verbatim which will counter what is said in my past comments about all this trouble I've had trying to reply to MCC.

mechaMenace said...

Youtube works!!! Type Youtube DOT COM and boom, do you want to watch the latest MCC from JerryTerrifying? Yes, yes I do!

11:35 You lived the Ebay high life way back in the day when you were dropping coin on Snatcher and NEOGEO carts. Those price were high at the time, but, of course, not as insane as they are now. I don't even think you can get Metal Slug 1 for cheap-ish any more. I think that used to be a $40 game all day.

13:05 For the most part, I believe this is true; however, some games have achieved a cultural status that yes, if you have a new / sealed USA first release sticker seal of Super Mario Bros 1 Black Box, it has the cache of an Action Comics #1. Now, I believe there are probably more of the sealed Mario 1s around, but condition matters and there could be a circle jerk market for high-end, culturally significant, graded, sealed videogames. Which games go on that list? Only time will tell. Also, like you said, things fall out of favor and get a boost like how when some comic characters hit the big screen, their first appearance issue goes up in price.

Collectibles are a market. In fact, the IRS has a specific spot on tax forms where you enter the accrued interest / increase in value of your collectible during the year (SOB!). I don't know how many people do that stuff on taxes correctly. Right now, sealed Mario 1s are selling for 100K.

I got distracted there for a bit. My point is: people trade high-end collectibles like stock market shares. Oddly, there's an investment platform now that lets you buy into shares of a collectible like limited sports cars and yes, sealed Mario Bros 1. It's called Rally.

51:16 You said it here. "It's a Rogue-like," as in this game is like Rogue, one of the first generated dungeon RPG. I can't remember what the title of the actual first of these generated dungeon games is.

I caught a new vid posted by TDB a few weeks ago. He seems to have deleted it. Before that, I hadn't heard a word from him in years. I'm glad to hear he's doing something.

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