Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 125

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, January 14, 2021 3 comments

In this episode I interview the second of three creators of Morton's List in lead up to the games 20th anniversary.  Check it out!


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Death Adder said...

I'm not sure as a fellow 1983 boomer if I could pull off hitting on a girl at a car wash while holding a box of Fruit Loops in 2021, she'd probably taser me while uploading the video to Tik Tok with the hashtag ME TOO, then start Fortnight yeet dancing over me.

I am SLIGHTLY exaggerating that last statement. Even in this godless degenerate run era we live in here in 2021, I do plan on having many more adventures much like Mr. Bilbo Baggins himself.

The guy you interviewed seemed pretty cool and the game him and his friends invented sounds amazing, truly a crime it wasn't billion dollar hit across the globe.

I still proudly have my "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" cd and think ICP have received way too much un wanted hate over the years. And yes I was aware of them before they debuted on WrassleMan Progrem TV as the technical wrestling specialists they are known for today.

Maybe at Mondo Cool Con 2030 we can all LARP and play Morton's List, Jerry as the Dwarf, Mecha Menace as the Mage, Critical Failure as the Bard.....and so on.

mechaMenace said...

I'm leaving my comment here as well as on YT. I'd prefer if you are going to reply in text to leave it there as I still receive notifications if someone replies to a YT comment of mine.

mechaMenace said...

I don't get to hear angry old man JT often. Maybe I forgot how you are on air or maybe you give less F's about what people know about you.

I guess if you go looking for certain conversations, you can find them, but hearing you guys talk about how much technological advances were directed towards better advertisement access had me reflect on some of my own thoughts. It's always been this way. Inventor invents, and business funds inventor to make use of tech to get more money.

Now that we've bitched about it, we have a question about what we can do about or if we want to do anything about it. Subsidized light-speed internet? It's been done before. Push out further. Subsidized basic economy by those who peddle stuff to us?

You mentioned having Netflix. I recommend watching the mini-series Maniac about a society completely subsidized by ads. What would that look like? What choices would people make? It's also mixed with some weird Terry Gilliam Brazil vibes.

You made light of some of Blade Runner's tech design choices. I'm not a Blade Runner know-it-all, fan, or even a hater, but I think some of the tech in Blade Runner was made to look old-school - clunky, almost like contemporary tech with a few "magic" components inside. That's cyber-punk's deal. Personal communication devices which communicate over great distances were famous in scifi before then. I mean, Star Trek had been on the air over a decade earlier.

I agree with what you said. This is one of your better interviews. You have a lot of passion for the subject matter--like you're a missionary proselytizing a message for which the locals didn't ask. It also helps that you've probably got a better sleep schedule these days even with the little bebies.

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