Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 123

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, December 27, 2019 5 comments

It's a new podcast!

Well we're ending the year with a hodgepodge of Mondo Cool Cassts.  You can thank Balzak, Tecmo Ballz and Death Adder for this one boyos.  Hope you enjoy it and I hope I get a 10 year anniversary episode done in time to not disappoint Balzak.


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Kazlab208 said...

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Death Adder said...

Thank you Santa Balzak!

The XBOX subscription thing is called XBOX Game Pass, it took me a minute to warm up to it, but it's a pretty decent subscription, which I've used a couple of times, it's usually $10 dollars a month, but sometimes it goes on sale. One of the interesting things about it is they'll release brand new games on there day one like Gears of War 5, The Outer Worlds, Forzas, ect, ect.

So instead of spending $60 dollars on Gears of War 5 physically or digitally, you can spend $60 dollars on 6 months of Game Pass, get Gears of War 5 and 150 other games until your subscription runs out.

Although while I enjoy the green XBOX Kool-Aid, I feel like their evil plan is to merge it with the XBOX Live subscription which will make that shit cost more.

I say save up all of your autism for the big March TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, Critical Failure is a must, I always felt like he was your best pairing over the years. And BALZAK, for the love of God BALZAK, even if it's just a 20 minute Shenmue sperg out session.

mechaMenace said...

It's a holiday so I have less work and I checked the ole Wow, a new episode was posted days ago. Hey, hey, there's a new JT video too.

Such a terror! Play-Asia should replace your game or refund you. If I send something out on ebay that gets damaged or lost, I have to refund the buyer. I then file a claim with the courier.

I was never sure if it was an accent or something played up for laughs, but do you say program like "progrum" so that you and your audience don't take this too seriously?

What's the point of spinning reviews off into their own channel? Wouldn't that split your audience? Here's what I mean. Say random viewer finds said review on one channel, even though you explicitly state and show that you have several channels in the video, people don't retain info well. Might as well bank on everyone not caring or forgetting and place all your content on one channel unless that content is unrelated and could retain a different audience. Think of how those country singers adopt a different persona to release an album with a different style of music. They realize their fans may prefer their traditional work and be turned off by this release, thinking that is the future of their production.

You could add (I know, more work) an additional short segment at the end of your review one-shots, stating they are a part of larger MCTV episodes and recommend checking them out. Nonetheless, if those viewers have you bookmarked, they will eventually see all your content.

The timeline is confusing (I'm never sure which JT is speaking - past, future, or recent past), but it's all new to me except I felt like I've heard that first segment and Balzak's voice comment in a prior podcast. Apparently I was confused about the timeline of the last podcast according to my comment for the last podcast which you read on this podcast.

Balzak, stop perpetuating the myth that Dragon Quest isn't popular over here. How many games have been released? I believe they're releasing all the new ones and have gone back to redo and release the old ones (on newer systems, of course). The games sell; otherwise, SQEENIX wouldn't want to release them in the US.

Click-clacking away - the best part of the show :)

Kazlab208 said...

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Mondo Cool Cast!

Anonymous said...

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