KNN: Hanabee announce some big stuff at Supanova Adellade and Brisbane.

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James Kaiser here and welcome to another installment of KNN (Kaiser News Network).  Hanabee has announced some very exciting titles at Supanova Brisbane and Supanova Adelaide.  In Brisbane they announced "Accel World" which the first volume will hit Australian stores next year at Feburary 8th.  That's not all as they also announced "BTOOOM!" and "Oreshura" which will also hit shelves February 8th.

If that's not enough over at Supanova Adelaide Hanabee announced some titles that got me really darn excited.  "Cardfight Vanguard", "Case Closed", and "Girls und Panzer".  Girls und Panzer is set to come out March 5th next year while Cardfight Vangurad and Cased Close are yet to have release dates.  There is more information on the shows after the jump but until then I'm James Kaiser and I'll see you next time on KNN.

Accel World

"Are you prepared to accelerate beyond your world?

In the near future our lives will be organised and played out through devices known as Neurolinkers. Utilising it enables acces to a virtual reality where there are no limits on an individual, for Harayuki Arita, this is freedom.

Neither rich, popular nor particularly attractive, Harayuki spends his time building his ideal self here.  He dominates this space until it is cruely taken away from him by his high school bullies.  However salvation is at hand when Kuroyukihime, the school's most popular girl, offers him another chance to escape and become the person he's always wanted to be.  Except this offer has a catch and it deals with his life.

Delving into the virtual reality known as Accel World, Haru will need to learn quickly how to fight if he wishes to uncover the secrets of this world and become Kuroyukihimd's knight."


"Becareful what you wish for.

Ryouta Sakamoto has suddenly been transfered into a deadly high stakes game.  A game he is all too familiar with.  Left on a mysterious island with a set provisions, a bag of bombs and a strange crystal embeded into his left hand - this is world of Btooom realized.

Beautifully replicated, this game of Btoom is an all out dog eat dog world, where to escape you will need to kill seven others before they kill you.  But there is a difference between a game and reality.  When a death is a death and there are no second lives, Ryouta is about to learn the value of life."

Cardfight Vangurad

"Shy third-year middle school student, Aichi Sendou, doesn't have much going on for him.  He spends most of his time contemplating on the past, but his life is due for a change, a change that started with a card called "Blaster Blade", given to him when he was young.

"Blaster Blade" is a part of "Vanguard", a card game that is quite literally sweeping the world by story for its highly realistic gaming system.  Through Kai Toshiki, a highly skilled Vanguard player, Aichi's boring life will be turned upside down as he's quickly introduced into this competitive world.

As Aichi immerses himself deeper into the Vanguard world, the less he finds himself looking into the past and instead setting his sights more on his future to prove his worth."

Case Closed

"Solving crime is child's play.

Meet Jimmy Kudo, one of the most lauded detectives in the Japanese Police Force and he's still in high school!  For him, the sinister underworld and their criminal inhabitants is just a regular day at work as he puzzels out the most difficult of crimes.  But you don't enter his line of work without creating a few enimies and some may even get him killed.

When an assassination attempt goes wrong, Jimmy wakes up to find that he is no longer in his body but has, in fact, regressed to his childhood self!  Now Jimmy needs to keep his identity a secret from those that he cares about the most.  But this curse won't stom Jimmy doing what he does best and so begins the life of boy detective Conan Edogawa!"

Girls und Panzer

"It's all fun and games until the tanks roll in...then it's just a blast!

The students at Oarai Academy are bringing back a long forgotten subject that features guns - really, really big guns!  Dubbed as Tankery, the program studies the martial art of operating armoured tanks.  Clearly this is not for the faint of heart and to join you'll need people as driven and enthusiastic as the tanks they'll need to control. 

Suffice to say the first studants to become inducted into the art of Tankery are all a bit eccentric.  You have Team Turtle consisting three members from the student council, Team Duck the former members of the volleyball club, Team hippo a group of four passionate history buffs, Team Rabbit a mis-matched group of six first year students and lastly the stars of the class, Team Anglerfish who are every bit as odd as their mascot.

Regardles these girls are all ready to get locked and loaded for the art of Tankery.  Panzer vor!"


"Hate love?  Join the club!

Eita Kido has found himself exactly where he didn't want to end up; the middle of a love triangle.  But are his love interests really interested in him, or is he just a cover? 

Just when the love hating student thought things were complicated the triangle threatens to become a polygon.  There's Masuzu, the school beauty who's using him, Chiwa, the jealous childhood friend, and now two more girls after his affections?

Looks like Eita's philosophy on love isn't working out."


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