DVD Review: Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart In The Land Of Demons (1973) (Super Samurai Week 2013 Day 5)

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Day five is here and right before you start to get ready to party on this lovely Friday night let's take a look at the next film in this bloodsoaked series.  Baby Cart in the Land of Demons is the fifth film in this series about a hitman for hire named Ogami and his son Daigoro.  The film starts off with Ogami taking a leisurely walk past a waterfall and while walking he comes across a strange man.  The strange man asks if he and his son are the great "Lone Wolf and Cub" duo.  The man attacks them but Ogami is far too fast for him and slashes him before he could get slashed himself.  Turns out the man was testing Ogami's skills to see if they were up to his expectations and Ogami doesn't disappoint him as he passed with flying colors.  Before the man could die he requests Ogami to do a job for him.  He does it in a very weird way where the only way Ogami can get the full details of his next hit is to defeat four other warriors just like him, once defeated they will give him some gold and some clues about his target.  After Ogami defeats the warriors he finds out that his job is to kill a priest who has a scroll that will destroy the clan those warriors were from if the royal family gets it.  Looks like out pal Ogami is on the search for enlightenment... enlightenment his sword with the neck of the priest that is (I know that doesn't make sense but I need a gag to close off this paragraph).  (Click "Read More" to read the full review). 

The story in this film isn't like the rest of the other films as you only have one story that is spread across the whole film.  While we get less than what we normally do I did quite like how they handled it as it was paced really well with no scenes that dragged on.  The quality of the story itself was decent and is far from the best that this series has to offer but I enjoyed it.  A downside to the story is it can get a little confusing and some scenes are pointless.  I didn't really care for the characters that were introduced in this film but the main characters are enjoyable.  Reason why I don't care for the new characters is because they feel stale as we've seen characters like this before in the series but much better done and I also found their acting to be a bit dry.  Acting from the main characters is pretty good although not the best we've seen from them but they still manage to pull it off pretty well.  This film also oddly made me laugh and not because of over the top stuff but there was one scene that was legitimately funny and it didn't take away from the dark mood of the film.

Action in this film was pretty good with some very exciting stuff that will shock and amaze you.  The violence in this film can get pretty damn brutal and I must give the director some extra points for making some of the deaths very creative and unique to the film series.  The sets and locations in which where they battle in are pretty vast as you will see action both on land and underwater.  Heck I just like the scenery as it adds a really nice layer of atmosphere that can make you feel really unsettled like somebody is watching you. 

Nothing in the special features section here that is much different than the previous films as you just get the theatrical trailer and promotional photos.  Overall this was a solid film that deserves at least one watch but don't expect it to be your favorite one in the series.  Very decent viewing.  Day five has passed but we still have the whole weekend ahead of us.  Saturday's installment is going to be the final film in the Lone Wolf and Cub series: White Heaven in Hell.

Title: Lone Wolf and Cub - Baby Cart In The Land Of Demons
Directed by: Kenji Misumi
Starring: Tomisaburo Wakayama
Genre: Action
Running Time: 89 minutes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au)
Rating: MA15+ (High level violence)
Price: $39.95 (as part of "Lone Wolf and Cub Ultimate Collection")
Recommended: Yes


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