How I Convinced Myself to Buy Dragon Quest IX

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, July 16, 2010 2 comments

A few months ago I subscribed to Nintendo power through Amazon.  It was only $5 bucks and what the hell I like seeing all the new games coming out and having something to read on the dumper.  Finally after two months of waiting the first issue got here (I think it's an issue with Amazon not NP) with a beautiful gold foil cover featuring Dragon Quest IX.  The cover looks amazing!  The back has a Dragon drawn by Akira Toriyama in his playful and imaginative style.  Looks great!  I understand Nintendo published the game in America and really wants to push the game in this territory and their doing a great job of it in this magazine.  Dragon Quest IX has made plenty of effort to appeal to a Western audience offering tons of customization, no random encounters and a heavy focus on multiplayer. 

I'm interested in this game.  Just the visual style has me interested and that character that looks exactly like Tenshinhan just makes me happy.  Usually I hate the super traditional JRPGs that focus on level grinding, turn based combat and all the things that make JRPGs so damn slow and tedious.  Still there's something about this game that makes me want to play it.  Also I've seen a few people talking about the game on some forums I frequent which also has me interested in playing the game.  But I'm broke and can't afford to buy new games so I tried to tell myself, no, you can't buy DQ9.  Get over it chumperoni.  So how did I convince myself to buy Dragon Quest IX?  Well it involves me losing $40 like a dip shit.

I keep my cash money sitting right under my LCD HDTV...because I pretty much stopped carrying cash 4 years ago and only use my debit card and haven't carried a regular wallet...ever? So when I got that free 360 I had to move my tv so I could get to the back of it and plug some Component cables in. I took the $40 in cash that I had and stuck it somewhere while I was doing shit so I wouldn't knock it behind the desk I've got that TV sitting on top of.

A few days later I ntoice my cash isn't sitting where it should be so I get pissed and started looking for it. My usual genius trick of "Where would I have put it if I were me?" yielded no results. So about a week goes by and I'm still thinking of places I could've lost it. Like maybe I put it in my change bowl? Nope, behind my desk? Under my bed? I looked everywhere!

So last night I was lying in bed reading that Dragon Quest IX feature in Nintendo Power thinking man I kind of want to get that Dragon Quest IX game but I can't afford it...I lost $40 in cash like a dipshit already so if I spend another $35 that's basically $80 I shitted away and I can't afford that. So I made a deal with my brain, I said brain, if I find that $40 bucks I'll get Dragon Quest IX.

Last night was trash night and I had already taken the trash cans out to the curb. It was 7:11am about the time the trash man usually gets here when my brain stopped being an idiot and came up with an idea as to where that cash wad might have gotten to. When I was hooking up that Xbox I was wearing a beat up old pair of shorts with a giant tear in them. I remembered throwing them away while picking crap up to put in the laundry a day or two after getting that free 360. FUCK! I totally put my wad of cash into my pocket while I was dicking around with my tv, forgot to take the cash out of my pocket and that shit very well possibly just got picked up by the garbage mens! So I shoot up outta bed, toss some shoes on and run out to the curb where luckly my trash remained, tore open my trash bag clawed my way through several layers of horrific filth and terror and found those tattered short pants and thrust my grubby, terrible clawed hand into my pocket...and retrieved my $40 USD!

So I bought Dragon Quest IX. What does it say about my subconscious mind...that at the possibility of new games my brain stops being a dumb ass and decides to remember where I carelessly tossed that damn cash. I seriously suck at keeping cash because I have been a debit card guy for four years and was so excited about the new 360 that I forgot tossing that money wad into a pocket.

Sure it may be a coincidence that I wanted DQ9, made a deal with myself that if I find that $40 I'll use it to get the game then almost instnatly remembering exactly where to look for it but is it really?  Seems a little to mysteriously miraculous and conveniant.  Clearly it is a sign that I must own this game!  So some time next week it should be here in the mail.  Hey ordering on Amazon saved me like $3 bucks!  Despite my inability to keep track of my cash I still try to be a savy, I.E. cheap, consumer.

So what ditry mind tricks have you played on yourself to justify buying new games?  What odd little coincidences have popped up in your lives?  Leave me some comments!

If you're interested in buying the game here's a link on Amazon.  Buying games through my amazon links helps the Mondo Cool Cast continue existing!


Amy aka Callia123 on youtube said...

I bought demon's souls with the money I found in my room after cleaning it , I had said that I would not get it until pay day but as soon as I found cash in my room I was allready down the street and buying it.

I picked up DQ9 on a sort of empluse buy and I'm glad I did becuse I'm loving it , its got alot of things going for it that I miss from older rpgs like final fantasy 7 , it just feels like a super nintendo game , never played a dragon quest game but it just feels nostalgic.

presicion25 said...

Great article. It kept me entertained. I love Dragon Quest games.

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