I got a Psone with the LCD screen for $10! Amazing find. I already have a Psone, which is in much nicer condition, but I was just after the LCD screen. So the crappy Psone is going straight to ebay after I open it up and try to clean it up some. The eject and power buttons are both sticky, it's got stickers on it and the motor is loud. I'll do some google-fu and see if there's anything I can do about the motor being so noisey. Never know, might be a simple fix.

Also for another ten bones I got a Powerbase Converted complete in the box. It even had the foam pieces and the plastic bag it came in. I wonder if there were any manuals, I'm sure there were at least some warranty papers. Oh well can't have it all. Amazing finds. Hopfully that Psone gets me most of my coinage back.


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