Just got back from picking up my Laserdisc player. Seems to be working fine...it plays CDs anyway. So that's a good sign. There's no on screen menus for me to poke around in though so there's not much I can do besides listen to CDs. I do like how it has a CD tray that comes out independently of the Laserdisc tray. I'm sure it saves a ton of electricity not having to toss around that giant slide out tray when you just want to listen to a CD. It's freaking HUGE! It dwarfs the Xbox sitting on top of it. Hahaha. Can't wait for Whitney to ship me some free Laserdisc movies!

I need to buy some more power strips and crap. I've got about a million things that need plugging in and no where to plug them in at. I'm thinking if I buy a new LCD monitor for my PC I'll have enough room to put my AV splitter up on my desk so I can go Rambo with some zip ties and combat some of this wire hell warzone I've got under my desk. Then if I get that undercontrol I'll get another AV splitter. I've got one with 8 systems hooked up to it, if I had some more space I could get another power squid (which is the best power strip you can get for old game systems and their huge AC adapters) then I would have enough outlets to use another automatic AV switch. I do need to reorganize that mess because I do want to use my Laserdisc player to watch movies. Plus someday I'll have my Laseractive and will want to use it to play Genesis and Sega CD games on it...or if I'm lucky I'll track down the Turbografx pac and I'll definitely want to use that.

Once I stop being a bum and move into my own house I'll have to have a custom wiring job. I've got 15 or so consoles hooked up to my TV and if I had the room I'd probably have closer to 20. That kind of awesome needs a lot of outlets.

Uploading a video of my new Laserdisc player right now check out my youtube page.


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