Man, I'm really liking my Virtual Boy right now. Just got Mario Clash in the mail yesterday and got a chance to paly it a little while earlier. It's a pretty fun game. I really like the 3d effects, they're pretty damn amazing.

I noticed there's a Bomberman game on Virtual Boy. I must own it! Someday I'll get my grubby mitts on it. I freakin love Bomberman. Bomberman Panic plays like Columns which is pretty cool.

The only problem I have with Virtual Boy is that I'm missing the foam eye piece. So it does suck having ambient light in my perihperal view. Lame.

Have to wait a week before I get my new TG16 with Turbobooster and Neo Geo AES. Really can't wait for those! It's killing me having to wait so long. But the guy from the Saturn League is awesome and holding on to it for me. I really do appreciate it. I thought I'd never have a Neo Geo but being able to make payments on it and not have to engage in a bid war really eases the burden of trying to get a Neo Geo.

Sadly the thought of Neo Geo AES ownership just makes me want to get a Neo Geo MVS to go with it. Having the arcade cab would be pretty damn amazing.


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