So I was looking at some of my NES games and I noticed my copy of Zelda II the Adventure of Link. I got it from a friend years ago. The carts really beat up and missing a big chunk of plastic and the battery is dead. So I figured I'd open it up and take a look at it. So I've decided I'm going to replace the battery.

The plan is to desolder the old battery, solder some wires to the old contacts then run those two wires to a battery holder! So that in 20 years when that battery dies I can swap it easily!

I just ran up to Radio Shack and picked up a cr2032 battery holder and slapped it inside my Zelda II cart to see if the bugger would fit and it fits great. I'd probably be soldering away right now but my soldering iron is a cheap piece of Wal Mart gargabe and apparently stopped working magically. So I've got to wait till next week when I'll have some more money and will be able to buy a new soldering iron. Woo. I'll be checking all the battery backed games on my shelf and seeing how many need replacing!


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