I keep wanting to play Policenauts but I keep putting it off. Yesterday I worked on a few videos and did some running. For anyone that does follow this blog, all one of you, I also enjoy running and am gearing up for some 2010 Marathons. So I didn't do nothing but play the shit out of Policenauts like I originally inteneded. Lame!

On top of that I got my copy of Snatcher in the mail. I've been going through the manual and reading every word and studying every picture. Man they don't make games like they used to. the manuals huge and full all kinds of immersive tid bits. There's a comic, a list of JUNKER's guide lines and character bios and Metal Gear Mk II's specs. I've just been admiring the packaging. I knew there was a sticker on the disc but now that I've got it I want to get it off but there's no way to go about it without harming the disc. Sucks. But just having this makes me giddy. It's probably one of the most rare pieces in my collection.


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