So several months ago I won an Xbox on a gaming auction site. I've been emailing the seller back and fourth since like early October and had assumed I was ripped off. I wanted to see how long they'd keep sending me e-mails. Eventually I stopped getting e-mails. I had paid with a check so I had their home address and considered going on the 1,600 mile round trip to knock on their door and ask where my Xbox was. Well out of the blue on Monday, I got my Xbox.

For $32.50 I got an Xbox, all the cables, two controllers and 8 games. That's even including shipping! What a great deal! Just a shame I had to wait like a million years to get it. Now that I have it though I can proceed with my plans of modding the bugger. I've ordered the AR Max I need to migrate some files over to the Xbox and I've had a copy of Splinter Cell for a while so that's cool. I should have everything I need any day now. I can't wait to mod that bad boy up and use it to run a million emulators.


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