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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, October 11, 2010 8 comments

This week I speak with one of the creators of Morton's List.  Awesome!  Later this month I'll be going to Youmacon in Detroit!  I'll only be there on the 29th so if you're in the area come and say what's up.  I talk a lot about Mondo Cool TV and may have fixed that busted up 360 for good this time. 

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I also have an XBLA code to give out for a free Indie Game. I don't have a creative contest so I'll just be picking a random commentor from this post. I'll pick a winner by this Friday. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. If you're from youtube use your youtube user name or make sure I have a way to get ahold of you. If you type out a spooky halloween story I'll enter your name in the hat 3 times!

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s1500 said...

I don't have a funny story, but you might get a kick out of this pic. Been cobbling this crude contraption for my Halloween outfit:


jackfordmac said...

Here's a scray Halloween rap;

Uh-UH---The names Jerry Terry
In my tree
Dropping beats, old skool with the ICP

Bats 'n shit
Flyin' around me
Gettin stonned and munching brownies

Trick or treat
I rise from defeat
When my feet pound the street (this is a referance to running)

I'm drunk
as a Skunk
you punk
so pull down your pants and prepare to watch me touch your junk
I got spunk - all up and down ya Moms Mondocast
I outlast the blast from past!

Gunwild@mail2world.com said...

The last gamer on Earth hiked across the nuclear-blasted waste. He had followed sparse clues to a hardened bunker door in in the desert. Inside, he believed, was the last functioning console on the planet. The EMP superburst that had killed billions had also left him with nothing to play.

But this refuge had been closed since 1992. It was a fallback position for the President and his family, complete with entertainment amenities for children. Since the President was dead, it had been left empty, and now he could claim it as his own. His fingers shook as he typed in the secret code on the keypad, opening the vault's thousand-pound lock. Sure, he had killed to get this far. He might not have enough water left to return to a shanty-town where he could resupply. But it would all be worth it to get his hands on a controller again.

What would the system be, he wondered? A Super Nintendo? A Genesis? Perhaps an NES with a good collection? As he walked past a poster of MC Hammer, his eyes slid over the Saved by the Bell VHS collection, past the toybox that a Spirograph had been carelessly placed on. Under the bright red TV was a cabinet. Barely daring to breathe, he pulled its door open.

The blinking letters burned into his retinas before he even understood what he was seeing. His brain rejected the terrors of reality and a howl of unending anguish was torn from his body. He barreled out of the door and into the desert to seek the sweet release of death by starvation. Anything would be easier than the knowledge that this, of all systems, had endured, a mockery to everything that video games had once been.

The horrifying device lay there, still powered on, waiting for the another poor soul to fall into the horrid trap of seeing it and knowing that madness was the only recourse.

It was a CD-i.

Unknown said...

duhmez here! Hok a brother up with free code! If it is ok, I want to wint he code to give to a friend. Cause no way would duhmez ever use an xbox. he is too l33t for that. It's all about Nintendo, baby.

Balzak802 said...

I was listening to this podcast during my extended 3 hour long homeroom for the pre-SAT but since I am a senior already, I was able to pass on that and instead enjoy two and a half hours of Mondo Cool Cast. Anyways, I was surprised when you said that your favorite comic book game was Spiderman for the PlayStation because that is also my favorite comic book game. I remember playing that game for the PlayStation when I was eight and had fun with it but the part that always scared me was when you were running away from the final boss and that when you failed to run away from it and it catches up to you, it yells “Die!” and claws you to death. That part always scared me. However, I still beat the game and recently in March, I bought the game again and played through it during Spring Break for the Sega Dreamcast and had fun with it all over again, especially playing the superior Dreamcast version that is the one to get because the graphics look a lot more detailed, has a better frame rate, clearer audio, and the Dreamcast controller is better to use in that kind of game than the PlayStation controller in my opinion. I am also not surprised if Bioware released a Game of the Year Edition of Mass Effect 2 but it does not really matter to me though because I am already getting Mass Effect 2 for the PlayStation 3 but what really grinds my gears about the 7th generation of gaming is having to wait for Game of the Year Editions of games. For example, I had to wait a whole year until I could now finally buy a complete Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands and same with Fallout 3, Uncharted 2, and Call of Duty 4. I miss the times when you just buy a game on launch day and that was the whole game. Finally, to answer your question, the games I would list as a must play for certain systems are
- PlayStation Portable: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
- PlayStation 2: Okami and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
- Nintendo 64: Conker’s Bad Fur Day
- Dreamcast: Shenmue and PAL Shenmue 2
- Sega CD: Snatcher
- Sega Genesis: Eternal Champions
- Game Boy Advance: Golden Sun
- Nintendo Wii: Mad World
So my question to you JT is what are your opinions on these games? Great podcast and hope to see the first episode of Mondo Cool TV soon.

TehVaporSnake said...

I comented before but. Lol im TehVaporSnake. (I think it didn't come through

RKNSEO said...

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Number.One said...

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