Collecting for the Sega CD

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     In May of 2009 I won an online auction over at for a complete boxed Sega CD system for around $60 shipped. At the time I had no intention to try for a complete sega cd collection. I just wanted to try out the system that I knew very little about as a kid since CD's were so cool back then.
     When I was a kid my experience with the system was very limited and my only exposure to the system was through a friend that 'got all the cool stuff'. I remember playing... err trying to play Power Rangers, Night Trap, Double Switch, Mortal Kombat and of course Sewer Shark. Sewer shark was sort of ok but boring and I didn't like the whole on rail shooter at the time. I really couldn't figure out Double Switch or Night Trap for the life of me and they both just really bored me as well. Power Rangers was actually addictive but having to start all over was very frustrating and of course Mortal Kombat was...well Mortal Kombat! which was great especially with the enhanced sound... if not for the loading problems it would have easily been my favorite sega cd game at the time. Aside from the loading issues I recall the system being very finicky and the system would stop reading the discs or lock up which ultimately frustrated you enough to go right back to playing your sega genesis or snes.   
     Even though I didn't quite take to the sega cd back then like I was taken with other other systems at the time, I never forgot about it and it was a mysterious and strange video game memory.

     Fast Forward to when I finally secured my own system as an adult getting into retro collecting I had learned of a handful of the popular titles that were seemingly held in high regard as being the best on the system. As a kid I had never heard of any of them. Such titles were Snatcher, Popful Mail, Dark Wizard, Vay, Shinning Force CD to name a few.   
     With my curiosity and desire to try and re-explore the system as an adult I naturally began researching more about the system and it gradually became something of an obsession.
         Along the way I discovered that the system had a relatively low number of games released for it and seeing this low number I began thinking about trying to complete the set. The other reasons that compelled me to move forward with this idea was that most of the modern retro collecting craze is, at least in my eyes, primarily focused on the Nintendo and perhaps even the Playstation. So I figured it should be relatively easy to avoid the competitive world of collecting all things Nintendo. I also felt the system was horribly and completely black listed and put to shame without people exploring it for themselves which I thought was incredibly ignorant and felt compelled to at least try to get the information out there about the good things the system had to offer instead on joining the FMV hate club.
     It also didn't hurt that I figured since nobody wanted it... it should then be that much easier for me to take it all.    

     Finally, a good friend of mine suggested that I direct my YouTube channel with the focus of my collecting and reviewing of the system and it's library. To further encourage my desire and motivation he bought and sent to me a mint copy of Shinning Force CD which I had been playing with a burnt CD-R and I mentioned how awesome the game was and I couldn't put the controller down but I held off buying it due to it's rather steep price tag. Which, at the time, was relatively low compared to what the game will fetch nowadays. The reason behind me playing the game with a CD-R is because I wanted to try out some of the more expensive games to see what all the fuss was about before I committed to a purchase.
     Eventually after all that thought and encouragement I felt I should move forward and get those high dollar games and even complete the rest of the library.

Little did I know how much of a challenge it would be....

To be continued...

For an HD version of the video feel free to click here


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This is beast my friend. I hope I make a similar video in 2014 for the PS1. Can't wait to see what's next. XXXXXX

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