Anime Review: Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part 2 (2012) Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray/ Hardback Book Combo.

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Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part Two is the second and final volume of this action/crime animated series.  The show itself is about the adventures of the very beautiful thief named Fujioko Mine who takes only the most valuable and priceless treasures for her ever growing collection.  Sadly Fujiko Mine has a deep dark secret and that secret is her dark past which is starting to catch up with her.  This dark past I speak of is a man dressed up as an owl who is always haunting her dreams but that is not all as this owl man has also hired another famous thief named Lupin the Third to catch Fujiko Mine and take her back to him... well he tried to as while Lupin the Third does want to catch her he refuses his offer as he wants her all for himself.  Where's Fujiko Mine you ask?  She suffered a psychotic breakdown during an attempted heist and is currently resting at a house of a samurai named Goemon.  Once she awakens she turns on the radio only to find out that there is a thief going around stealing stuff that is claiming to be Fujiko Mine.  What is this?  Creepy owl dudes, a horny thief, a super samurai, and now a Fujiko Mine impostor?  Oh boy what does a girl have to do to get some peace and luxury around here?  Welcome to the crazy world of Lupin the Third.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

Remember what I said about the first volume about how episodic the show was?  Well this volume drops the episodic formula and gives us a very intense and very awesome storyline that lasts the rest of the series.  I just wish that they did something like this with the show right from the start as it made the show much more satisfying and make this show much more greater than what it is now.  This is also a very action packed volume full of exciting chase scenes and fights.  The down side of this story is that there are some plot twists that do come off as forced.  Characters in this show are very good with tons of charm and personality.  They will make you laugh, cry, and even worry about them when they get in trouble.  Oddly enough Fujiko Mine doesn't appear in this volume as much as she did in the first as Lupin the Third and his weird friends (well I would say friends but more like people that tolerate him) take a heavier role that steals the spotlight (no pun intended) from Fujiko Mine.

Artwork in this show is very beautiful with a nice European feel to it that should be displayed at an art museum in France.  The characters are well designed in this show with a nice cartoony look that also looks very serious at the same time.  The main villains in this volume look pretty good too with a very creepy look that helps them stand out and add a very creepy atmosphere.   Animation is pretty good and I didn't spot anything that bothered me.  English dub was pretty strong with voices that matched the characters and there is some very good acting also.  Soundtrack is also pretty good with a jazz soundtrack that reminds me of "Cowboy Bebop (1998)" and it matches up with all the action that goes on in this show.

This set does have some special features in both digital and physical form.  On both the blu-ray and DVD discs you have text-less opening and credit sequences.  I really enjoyed seeing the text-less version of the opening and not because of the nudity (which I really mean: not "just" because of the nudity) but because of the music and voice over as this has got to be one of the grandest openings that I have seen in anime.  Just like volume one you have the discs holstered in a very nice hardcover art-book that includes some very nice pictures, episode information, and a special pop-out picture that appears right when you open the cover.  Downside is that the discs comes in a sleeve like page which has me worried that I'm going to get the discs scratched if I accidentally knock the book around or from repeatedly taking the discs out of the cover so I can watch them again.  The DVD disc has one more episode than the Blu-Ray disc which was the bonus episode that appeared on the Blu-Ray disc on volume one.  This may sound a bit nit-picky but wouldn't it have been better if both discs had the same amount of episodes on them to avoid confusion?

Overall this volume was just great with the best episodes that this series has to offer.  Long time fans of Lupin the Third should get a kick out of this series and so will people who have yet to have seen a Lupin the Third movie or series.  If you are going to check out the whole series just make sure you read the review of the first volume as there is some darker stuff you should be aware of that was toned down in this volume.  I definitely recommend picking up this one.

Title: Lupin The Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine Part 2
Animation Studio: TMS
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Drama
Running Time (DVD): 144 Minutes (6 Episodes)
Running Time (Blu-Ray): 120 (5 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (
Rating: MA15+ (Strong themes, animated violence, sex scenes, nudity)
Price: $59.99
Recommended: Yes


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