Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 96

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Metal Wolf Chaos, Red Steel 2, Typing of the Dead, New consoles no one cares about and more!

One more Xbox Recommendation for DuhMez
Metal Wolf Chaos.
Need more Blank DVDs.  CD Box storage
Wii production ceased.
Typing of the Dead Overkill
Word association final boss was bad ass.
Just barely got released.  Read this bitchin' article about it.
rap video
Cool article about Gamecube Era of Nintendo of America
Nintendo of America’s George Harrison tells CNN that GameCube’s software sales were lower than expected because games like “Super Mario Sunshine” are too difficult for today’s gamers.  Due to Cube’s software sales, Nintendo of Japan and Miyamoto have decided to make games less challenging to sell software to larger audiences.
Reggie says Nintendo thought portability in a console would be a huge selling point — but it wasn’t.
“With GameCube, at the time, portability was thought to be a big factor – that’s why it has a handle. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.”
(if only it had LAN games n shit)
Wii U commercial that explains the Wii U is not the Wii
Blizzard says it was wrong for Diablo II to allow for offline play.  LOL internet was shitty back then.

Never buy a modern console at launch - Play audio
Played Red Steel 2 And Castle of Shikigami iii on Wii
Beat Red Steel 2.  Pretty good game.
Ground Zeroes Mission Playstation exclusive
Keifer's voice coming out of ps1 Snake.  Disgusting.  As fuck.  Why did you do this Kojima?
MGSV Xboner exclusive?  Hopefully 360 at the very least.  Hope they both become available as DLC eventually.
Horrible Xboner Commercial
Bitch hijacks TV and treats boyfriend like shit.
Atlus free use of dead Sega IPs
I’m paid to make sure that we’re driving the business forward—so we’re aware of what’s happening, but in the end we’ve got to do what’s best for the company. The thing we know [about petitions] is that 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales.
Image floading around the internet showing how to enable 360 backwards compatability is bricking Xboners.  LOL.
4chan comment below
I agree with Mike. In the age of the internet, there is absolutely no need for the white tanooki suit. It could have just been a cheat code like the Konami code, giving the player 30 extra lives as in Contra. If a child complains about getting stuck in a game, it's a parent's obligation to help. Video games are not babysitters. It seems like Nintendo just wants kids to finish SM3DW as fast as possible so they can build hype for the next installment and repeat the process. Not letting consumers properly digest a game before building hype devalues the medium as a whole.

I'm jumping in logic here, but I believe this is one sign of another video game crash. Broken games flooding mobile devices, DLC for incomplete single-player games, absurdly high production costs, and slapdash yearly sequels are akin to the quick cash-in games of the late Atari era which led to great consumer distrust. This ultimately caused the American video game crash of 1984. Perhaps the cycle will repeat 30 years later.
Mecha Menace
I wanted to get into Metal Gear Solid (MGS) and bought MGS 2 brand new when it came out. It sat on my shelf for almost a year before I sold it to a friend. He beat it and I remember being over his place and watching the wacky ending.

Years later I played through the first MGS on an emulator and found it boring and the story somewhat confusing. I know there must be an interesting story there but I just can't get into it.

The other series which I force-feed myself for story is Assassin's Creed (AC). Thankfully, that is being made into a theatrical movie with Michael Fassbender playing the lead. I hope it is interesting as it seems like the series has an interesting direction.

I'm still stuck playing AC Revelations. I skipped Brotherhood, having watched the cutscenes on youtube before starting Revelations. Have you are anyone in the audience ever done this?
October 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM
 mechaMenace said...
In regards to all games looking better in HD, this is usually not true for textured games. Simple-colored polygons may look somewhat sharper with more resolution.

However, textures which are applied to models in games such as clothing, ground, walls, etc are just image files with a set resolution. I'll give you an example so you can picture what I mean:

Imagine you have a texture for a road that is 64 by 64 pixels and used in a PS1 game. Most games on PS1 run at 320 x 240. If that game was up-res'ed to 1920 x 1080, that original image now must fill 27 times more screen area. Those tiny textures which were only meant to fill a few pixels on the screen now fill much more area in the bigger screen and look like garbage.

Techniques like anti-aliasing the textures themselves can improve quality but the best improvement you can get is by re-doing the art in the game. This is why some HD re-releases take more time than others. Heck even animations for models sometimes must be re-done because the newer machine can handle more frames of animation and your characters will look more lively with this update--think supporting 60 frames per second rather than 30 frames. They also have to port the code over if that is even possible. Some games actually have to be re-made from scratch on the new platform.
Jack Ford Via Facebook
Just dropped by to say "Hi" to Jerry and all the guys, feeling nostalgic for some old school Mondocool, Jerry a mic and a two hour podcast, talking about old times, half biography, half podcast.

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StooperD said...

I'd be willing to do something for the mondocool special, have been waiting for a mondobaked cast.

Retrokaiser said...

While you were mentioning that rap video the first thing to come to mind was "Oh it's going to be from Odd Future isn't it?". Saw the video and yes it was an Odd Future music video. Those guys are very crazy. You should watch their TV show called "Loiter Squad".

SECONDLY... FUCK YOU BITCH! I like that band.

mechaMenace said...

Based on the GameCube era article you shared, Nintendo wants to to increase the turnover rate for games on their platforms. The more games kids beat and get tired of playing (since all the best Game Genie cheats are built-in), the more they trade / sell games to pay for new games on a Nintendo platform.

I guess as long as Nintendo doesn't reward a player's e-peen for cheating, the money-making strategy fits. This would not fit well in a PSN trophy / XBox gamerscore world and I believe that is a major reason Nintendo hasn't developed a similar system.

mechaMenace said...

In regards to vertical shmups, I love shmups but never liked the auto-scrolling shmups where your ship is some oversexualized otaku's dream with some bullshit anime story. This fits Shikigami and sadly all Cave shooters nowadays.

I urge Mitch to reconsider his dislike for vertical shooters in general. He really needs to play a decent game like Raiden 2, Aleste / Power Strike, or Donpachi. A really addicting shmup is Under Defeat. If you are a fan of horizontal ones like my favorite series R-Type, you really should play the vertical shmup Ikaruga as it shares the quality of planing your path through an auto-scrolling environment while fending off enemies.

A side note (ignore if you want ): you called them rail shooters, which I think people generally classify 3D games like Virtua Cop, Area 51, or CarnEvil. It is even harder to classify since games like Star Fox 64 are considered 3D rail shooters as well.

Anonymous said...

I showed up Saturday at 7PM EST and no live show for the entire hour. When does the show actually live stream? Can you announce the show ahead of time by a few days on the home page?

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