DVD Review: Mega Man - Complete Collection (1994 - 1995)

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Mega Man is an 1990's animated show based on the popular video game series of the same name.  This show is about a boy robot named Rock who gets converted into a battle-bot that goes under the name Megaman.  Megaman must protect the world from the dastardly deeds of the mad scientist Dr. Wily who comes up with very insane plans to take Dr. Light's (Megaman's creator) plans or to take over the Earth or even both at the same time.  Dr.Wily isn't fighting alone as he has some robots of his own to battle Megaman including: Protoman (Megaman's Brother), Cutman (who has the power to cut stuff through steel as if it were hot butter), Gutsman (a robot with magnificent strength), plus many more like Darkman, Iceman, Crashman who appear on certain episodes unlike the first three robots I mentioned who appear on all of them.   Megaman also isn't alone in the fight as he has a sister named Roll who was initially designed to be a housekeeping robot but due to her stubborn nature she is normally out fighting along side with her brother.  They also have a very loyal robot canine named Rush who can turn into any type of vehicle for Megaman to ride.  Some adventures Megaman will have in this show include:  Megaman battling killer robot dinosaurs,  rescuing a shrunken Washington D.C; Fighting evil toys, and teaming up with X from Megaman X (wow!).  This show sounds really fun right?  Well let's see.  (Click "Read More" to read the rest of the review to find out).

I was going into this show expecting to dislike it (to be fair my previous Capcom cartoon experience was with Darkstalkers) but I ended up liking it quite a lot.  The stories are very dumb but very fun just like watching old 80s action flicks.  While dumb you won't be bothered with the show... well not during the first season at least.  There are some moments in this show that feel very forced like when they team up Megaman with a child although some of those episodes are done right.  The major problems with the storytelling begin in the second season of the show.  The quality in storytelling drops quite a bit to the point where you will smack yourself in the head as to how dumb they can get.  There is an upside to season two as while it has most of the worst episodes it also has some of the best episodes out of the show's entire run which will make it all the worth it and you'll forget those terrible episodes (minus the one I mention in the next sentence).  The lowest point that the show hits when it comes to the storytelling department is with the episode "The Curse of the Lion Men".  In this episode we see Megaman take on a bunch of lion men whom come out of a tomb and try to take over the world by turning everybody into lion people.  Now this may sound awesome on paper but it is executed very poorly.  I can go on more about it but I don't want to turn this into a review based on that episode alone... but I might do that in the future for April Fool's Day 2014.  This show is chock full of action and despite how full of non-sense they can get they are really fun to watch and I get great enjoyment out of watching them.  Characters are one of the biggest reasons why you will enjoy this show as they are very charming, fun, full of personality, and generally likeable which applies to both the good guys and bad guys alike.

Artwork is very solid with some very nice coloring and designs.  Some characters have designs ripped straight from the games and some have been slightly altered but in they end they all end up having a very charming look.  Background designs also look very good with a nice variety of scenery ranging from city to jungle to space.  Downside is that some character shots come off as very goofy looking.  Animation is also very solid although there are some cases where the lip-syncing is a bit off and some choppy animation which happens in season two.  The English dub is very campy with a lot of puns but works well with the characters and while I found it charming I can easily see it as a hit or miss among viewers.  My main complaint with the dub is that they re-use some of the jokes in later episodes.   Soundtrack is very great with tracks that will remind you of the video game soundtracks and will also pump you full of energy and excitement.  Overall this is a very fun yet cheesy show that ranks up on the "so bad it's good" scale and I recommend that you should all check it out as you will have a great time watching this.  Really fun show.

Title: Mega Man - Complete Collection
Animation/Production Studio: Capcom, Ruby-Spears, Ashi Productions, Ocean Productions, The Summit Media Group
Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Childrens
Running Time: 600 minutes (27 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au)
Rating: G
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes


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