DVD Review: Arakawa Under The Bridge Season 2 (2010)

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Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2 (AKA: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, and Under the Bride 2) is an animated comedy series about two lovebirds named, Recruit, and Nino who are living in a homeless community called Arakawa along side their insane neighbours including a guy in a suit who claims to be a 620-year old Kappa (a legendary turtle like creature from Japanese folklore), a guy in a star mask who brags about being a rock superstar, a cross-dressing nun, a scary little girl, and many more interesting nutters that you will instantly fall in love due to their colorful personalities and flavorsome antics. This season our gang is trying to help Nino get to her home on Venus but first they have to go through some brutally tough astronaut training. The insane mix of both the characters and situations blend together very well and will give you a intoxicating cocktail of emotions (mainly good ones) making it some very good comedy. (Click "Read More") to see the rest of review.

 Before and during their training we get introduced to more insane characters, Amazoness (A big female warrior who travels with a bunch of cross-dressing men in demon masks), and Maestro (defender of Earth and comic book artist). These two characters are very well written and add a lot more flavor (upon the tons of flavor we have already) to the show and you will instantly fall in love with them.  Maestro and Amazoness have very quickly became some of my favorite animated characters.
Like season one the show still keeps its newspaper comic like format but unlike season one the show doesn't feel as tight as it was back in the first season as it does suffer from having filler. The filler episodes are far from being bad but they do make you feel a bit disgruntled due to wanting to see the grandness of the main story continue although they do hint at a third season so the filler is forgivable. Art and animation in the show is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with characters that look as memorable as their personalities. All the scenery is just as beautiful and memorable with some really nice detailing and architecture in the buildings and industrial structures. The Japanese dub is excellent matching perfectly to the characters looks and personality's.

Special features in this set are OK as you do get some promotional trailers that aired on Japanese television and art galleries. The artwork in the galleries were very nice but my complaint with this is that it has all the ones that was used in the season one special features but it also has some new stuff so in a way this is a complete edition of the art gallery feature. Overall this is some excellent viewing and has to be one of the greatest series ever graced to animation. An absolute must watch indeed.

Title: Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2
Animation Studio: Shaft
Genre: Animation/Anime, Comedy, Romance
Running Time: 314 Minutes (13 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee
Rating: M15+ (Coarse language)
Price: $44.99
Recommended: Yes


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