Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 119

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, December 30, 2016 2 comments

Last Mondo Cool Cast of the year!  It's an impromptu solo show but maybe someone likes that?

Everyone say thank you to Freddy and Balzak for sending a voice mail and securing you a new podcast.  You can be the hero next time by calling the Mondo Cool Hotline.


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Death Adder said...

Right before the Balzak segment, I got filled with so much excitement and anxiety that I literally had to go take a shit before listening to it. And it was well worth voiding my bowels for. Hearing Balzak's voice for the first time was what I imagine seeing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson naked for the first time is like.

As for the possible return guests/co-hosts, they all bring something to the table. Mecha Menace seems to have a bizarrely calming effect on you, Retro Kaiser is the master of diversion, Shintai is the best at calling you out on your shit, but I am going to throw out Mitch on this one, he had high energy and a skeleton fetish if I remember correctly. The short lived Jerry and Mitch run is under rated.

I'll try to call in to the hotline more, it's just I've always been a comment kind of guy, maybe I can down a bottle of gas station wine and have Metal Jesus call in. Epic show as always bro.

mechaMenace said...

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