Innovation Color Mouse Pad

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, March 27, 2011 1 comments

I've been meaning to pick up a mouse for my Playstation before starting Policenauts.  I should have bought the $7 ps1 mouse I saw months ago as I wasn't able to find a more inexpensive official one now that I've got the funds to purchase one.  Luckily ebay didn't leave me hanging and I found the Innovation Color Mouse Pad.

I can only assume the poor name has to do with this product being from China as there was no mouse pad in the box but only a bright blue mouse.  According to the marketing on the sides of the box the Mouse Pad comes in six different colors; Green, White, Gray, Blue, Red and Black.  I recieved a blue mouse.  It's a very deep rich blue and looks quite nice. 

After removing the mouse from the packaging I noted that it felt quite sturdy and well made and was pleased with the build quality.  So I fired up my PSone with the mouse in the second controller port and loaded up Poliecenauts.  The mouse works very well.  New mice tend to work very well and won't need to be cleaned for months or years.  As this is a game peripheral and won't see as much use as a PC mouse I'm sure it'll be a very long time before I have to worry about any issues of that nature.  Still I preffer an optical mouse and only wish that mousing technology 15 years ago was where it's at today with the reliabilty and hassle free optical mice.

For the price, build quality and attractive color options I can't help but recommend this mouse for anyone looking to play some mouse compatible Playstation games.  I bought mine for $7 Shipped from this ebay seller.  He has many more available.  It was shipped in its original packaging with the shipping label stuck to the front of the box.  This may or may not be an issue for you.


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Squeek Squeek. You gonna get more PS1 mouse compatible games for a video review?

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