Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 48

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, November 16, 2011 1 comments

This episode features an interview with Dan one of the newer members of Team Mondo Cool.  Also at the end we have the missing mini episode where I school people on my PC dying.  It's pretty lame as balls and is like losing a limb or a child.  Download or listen to the show after the jump.

Download. Right Click, Save Target As.


Kazlab208 said...

Sonic Generations sure seems to be a fun game. Sadly I was never able to play it since I never ended up buying it. Hopefully Sega might port it to the PS4 one day.

Man, the reception of the 3DS when it first came out sounds awful. I completely forgot about that second analog stick attachment since all new 3DS systems now have that built into the device. However, the 3DS is going strong today and will probably see sales skyrocket again when Pokemon Sun & Moon come out in November.

Ah yes, the Sony Playstation Vita. So much hope and hype was set on that handheld with it supposedly being the 3DS killer. Too bad that system ended up doing worse than the PSP even with it's redesigned console version. Sadly Sony abandoned it completely a few years ago but I might still buy one. Reasoning for this is because I can use it to stream my PS4 when I am out of the house. Hopefully I can find a new one to buy when I get my PS4 in November.

That really sucked your PC died. It only took almost two years before you finally broke down and bought a new one in 2013.

I also remember using the Classic Game Room forums back then. I only accessed it in late 2009 though and never really used it that much. Mostly because it was too big a community to me so I did not really get to know anybody. However, I remember seeing you Jerry on those forums but not by your screen name. I remember you specifically from your iconic Lost Vikings icon you use for everything. So even before the podcast, we kind of had an interaction with each other.

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