Gaijin works and MonkeyPaw Games Kickstarter

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1 comments

MonkeyPaw Games has picked up the Playstation Portable game Class of Heroes 2 for release in North America.  Victor Ireland formerly of Working Designs and currently of Gaijin Works would like to bring a deluxe physical editon of Class of Heroes 2 to backers of the Kickstarter Project that hopes to reach $500,000.  The Digital version of the game will be released regardless of what happens to the Kickstarter page.  However if you'd like to see a Victor Ireland Deluxe Edition and relive the magic of the Working Desings special editions consider chipping into their Kickstarter page.

Seriously guys stop and think for a moment.  How awesome would it be to have another limited edition game from Victor Ireland?


DookieHouserMD said...

Holy shit Victor Ireland bringing another special edition out? Hell yeah man can't wait!

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