Gaming Beast plays Streets of Rage (Part 4, the other parts after the Bump)

Posted by theGamingBeast On Monday, September 10, 2012 3 comments

Were back after long last and face the green Ultimate Warrior!

Let's continue fighting on the Streets of Rage!

Second part of the letsplay. We are still talking about the unofficial Streets of Rage remake in the beginning of the video.

Playing some Streets of Rage with Cendoo.


DeathAdder83 said...

I think I only ever play Streets of Rage 1 & 3, out of respect for 2. But I love that cop car shooting the bazooka, awesome.

theGamingBeast said...

I know right? I miss that in 2 and 3 altough 2 is the best I know, but I just got more nostalgia for the first one. Also funny comment dude!

A.J. Rosa said...

I prefer the first Streets of Rage to the second. The deciding factor for me is the music; especially when you're taking on a boss.

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