Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 67

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, April 2, 2012 1 comments

This week it's just Mitch and myself going over some really bad news.  Tons of it!  Also Mondo Cool Monthly has officially been announced.  Thanks to everyone that's bought a copy already!  Issue One should prove to be much larger and and way more mondo cool!  Listen or download after the jump!
Sega scaling back.  Only publishing sonic, total war, football manager and Aliens physically.  No yakuza 5?  No sonic all stars racing 2?  Some in development games are cancelled.  This is terrible news.
Google maps 8bit
5 reasons eliminating used sales might be awesome! 
Dennis Dyack hates used game sales too!  
ABC local news finds out about cussing on XBLA and PSN.  
Next playstation might be codenames ORBIS.  Might not let you play used games.  Might have to register all games online.  No backwards compatability.  Perhaps it's just a method of online passes being system wide.  Gee that makes it all better?
Hilarious skyrim hoarders parody
FBI licences unreal engine to make training simulations
New Sim city needs an internet connection to play
Sony confirms they've shut down SOCOM and MAGs studio
Legasista a dungeon crawler, the witch and the hundred knights an Action rpg, Mugen souls a strategy rpg being released by NIS for ps3
Xbox 360 hard drives retain personal data, awesome thieves steal peoples credit card info
Goldeneye on N64 has a ZX spectrum emulator and 10 games
If wasteland 2 gets up to 2.1 million in fudning Obsidian will co develop
Sony pulls two PSP games off PSN after they've been used to run an exploit that lets you run homebrew.  Even if you've bought the game you can't redownload it again.
Us military has contracted a company to buy used consoles from over seas and develop software to extract sensitive information from consoles.  sofware could be released open source.
One minute summary of pokemon
Saudi arabia bans shoe shoppin game for sounding too sexy
You can now pre order Legend of Grimrock.  Oldschool dungeon crawler
Capcom opens retial store in Japan.  Sells capcom shit
Freaky closed, probably haunted, japanese sex museum
So far Wii U is on par with 360and ps3
Baldurs gate on ipad, will cost $10 or less.  Has multiplayer
Indie game the movie trailer
Dorkly final fantasy 
Anti DLC song

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Anonymous said...

Regarding your story about the US Gov buying used consoles to figure out how to recover info off the hard drive. I read a story about there being a concern terrorist using the xbox and playstation game networks to communicate--voice, text, images, and video. It's kind of a good reason for the government to be concerned, but at the same time, it will lead to dissolution of our US rights.

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