Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 88

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 5 comments

It's a podcast.  Listen or download after the jump.

Back from the dead with a new episode of the Mondo Cool Cast.

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Sideshow said...

Glad to hear your back doing the MCC Jerry. You sound really bummed about MCM but you have to realize that magazine esque publications just arent profitable anymore especially with the internet where any fuck nut can get their info on the fly for free. I might buy the whole vol 1 once its complete just to help your cause. Great choice of music in this episode with 45 Grave and Dickies. I absolutely love The Return of the Living Dead OST! Hope to hear more cast shows in the future because its definitely the most underground gaming podcast I have heard and enjoy it immensely.

theGamingBeast said...

Good Episode man! As usual I loved all the crazy shit you talk about that is not gaming related. I do enjoy the gaming related stuff, but that crazy stuff is what makes this podcast special. I hope they catch that thief and that creepy pervert, the world is a scary place full assholes and sick fucks. Oh well enough of that depressing shit. I hope Mondo Cool Monthly will continue. I always liked Gaming Magazines back in the 90ties and this mag has that magic of that Era. I will help any way I can. For now I got the latest PDF issue. Youre podcast has lightened up my long workday! Keep it up you crazy bastard, lol! :)

DeathAdder83 said...

Hell yeah our fearless leader has returned to lead his gang of Mondo Cool Misfits! I had guess we are all a pretty close little community when you think about it. I could picture us all surrounded by system linked XBOXs, a keg of beer, a few pizzas, and perhaps a little smokey smokes....just crackin' LULZ.

What I can't picture is any of us ever hanging out with the All Gen Gamers. Just imagine being forced to watch Johnny Millium's shitty movie, all while he is giving us commentary in his black trench coat. Or perhaps playing video games with Gamester81, his retard strength crushing every controler he tries to hold. The worst would be the awkwardness when a slight gush of wind violently knocks Pete Dorr clear across a room.

Retrokaiser said...

I wouldn't mind hanging out with them. I wouldn't listen to their damn show though.

Darth Tallis said...

*Monacle drops off* PROFANITY! In my Mondo Cool Monthly?!! Outr-r-r-r-r-r-r-rageous.

Yeah, right. :P All the colourful statements you've made over the years on the podcast, what's a fuck or two in printed form? :D :P

Not much to tell about my Miku crossplay, other than I like scaring people. :P I crossplayed the the year before, but it was kind of half arsed, so I figured "Fuck it". I went for broke. Although, the year before, I didn't bring a change of clothes, and I was walking around Sydney with friends at night and got some very interesting reactions. I especially like the people who pretend to they didn't see the freaky guy in a pink high school uniform. Bwahahahahaha~! What has been seen cannot be unseen. :P

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