Blu-Ray Review: Hellsing Ultimate Collection 2 (2008 - 2011)

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Hellsing Ultimate Collection Two is the second volume of this OVA series containing parts five to eight and damn it was a long wait to finally get these episodes outside of Japan as we have been waiting for close to five years to see episode five onwards.  In this bundle of episodes we have the Nazis reaching the United Kingdom and deploying waves upon waves of vampire soldiers in full bloody (no pun intended) force attacking men, women, and children with no remorse what so ever.  They also send a squad to attack the Hellsing Organization's headquarters but not without a fight as Seras Victoria and Pip Bernadotte have prepared for their arrival and have some strong defenses of their own.  Meanwhile back at the hall of justice... I mean back at the battle ship from episode four we have Alucard taking control of it and he is heading to the battlefield so you know that shit is going to get real once he hits shore (pardon my French on that one as I'm really excited for this one).  If you think that is all? Well it's about to get even more bigger when the Vatican army joins the party.  Vampires, Nazis, Catholics, this is going to be one hell of a party and I brought the snacks. (Please click "Read More" if you are viewing this from the main page.  You are missing out on quite a bit of stuff).

First things first, if you are expecting to enjoy this for the story you will be disappointed as there really isn't much story in this set but rather a whole ton of hard boiled action and a sea full of blood and gore.  The characters are really good and interesting with a slight hint of western films like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly giving them all a very unique feel and you will also finding yourselves routing for everyone of them at some point or another especially the ones that you looked down on when you first saw them back in collection one.  One thing I was disappointed with collection one was that the show was only MA15+, this upset me because I thought that this could of gotten away with more violence that the comic book/manga got away with and man did I get excited when I saw that this volume was rated R18+ although not to say that the first volume was terrible by any means I just expected more in terms of violence is all (yes I am one sick bitch).  With them getting away with a harder rating it made me have higher expectations than what I had with collection one but did it all pay off?  Hell yeah it did,  the violence is ramped up to overdrive but sadly it's still not up to par with the violence from the comic book/manga but it's still very satisfying and defiantly not for the squeamish.
Behold a real vampire. Alucard doesn't sparkle, show love, or mercy.  Alucard is a real vampire indeed.
Artwork is very detailed capturing the darkness and madness of vampire warfare really well.  Animation is very well done and also detailed but some scenes are a bit cheesy with the Nazis biting into people like they were fat on a big tender steak.  The English dub is also really cheesy with some very badly done German, Italian, and British accents but oddly enough the Irish accents were done pretty well and I was expecting it to sound the worst but assuming makes fools of us all.  While the English dub is cheesy it does blend in with all the madness really well bringing back nostalgic memories of watching action movies from the eighties and nineties giving it a very smooth experience.
What a terrible night to have a curse.
Some decent special features in this set including forty-minute long interviews, convention panels where the cast and crew answer some questions, text-less credit sequences, a documentary celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Hellsing series, and a bonus OVA called "The Dawn: Act One" which is about Alucard and a much younger Walter doing some Nazi hunting during world war two and I definitely recommend giving it a view as it adds some extra meat to the series.  Overall this set of episodes was worth waiting a long time to sink my teeth in as they were very enjoyable to watch.  Defiantly recommend this one.

What a wonderful night to give out curses.

Title: .Hellsing Ultimate Volumes V - VII
Animation Studio: Satelight, Madhouse, Graphinica, Genon Universal
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Horror/Supernatural, War
Running Time: 185 Minutes (4 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (
Rating: R18+ (High Impact Themes)
Price: $59.95
Recommended: Yes


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