DVD Review: Code Geass - Akito The Exiled. Episode 1: The Wyvern Arrives (2012)

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The Wyvern Arrives is the first chapter in a special series of direct-to-video releases based on the show Code Geass titled Akito the Exiled.  The episode starts off with the army defending one of their bases from an attack by using Elven (what they call the Japanese in this show) due to them not caring if they live or die during battle.  Out of all the carnage you see in this crazy battle we only get one Elven survivor named Lelouch Lamperouge.  Lelouch manages to hitchhike back to home base but has to ride in the back due to people having very heavy prejudice against his people.  Later we see him and his commander at a dinner in Paris but it all ends a bit sour when Lelouch protects his commander from her drunken fiancé.  We then go to the shady underground where we see a terrorist group prepare for something big that might just put the city or even the entire country in some serious trouble.  I wonder how it will all go in this first exciting episode? (Click "Read More" for full review).

We are the robots. Do-do-le-do.  We are the robots.  Do-do-le-do. - Kraftwerk
The story might not be for everyone as it does get quite political (death to all politicians, children) at times and will go over your head if you don't understand politics.  If that's not your thing you will love the battle scenes due to the fast paced speed of the robot suits, the explosions, the hellfire from their weapons and the damage they cause with the mixture of all three elements.  For something that's rated M15+ I was surprised with how brutal some of the violence was as it does get rather gory in some parts.  Now I'm not complaining about the brutal violence as I actually really enjoyed it as it also adds to the shows atmosphere and really shows that war is indeed hell.  Characters are done very well with their coldness of being disciplined soldiers but they also still have some of their humanity intact (well they seem to at least) adding some depth to them and also showing that soldiers aren't monsters despite them being quite terrifying on the battlefield.
If looks could kill we'd be all doomed from this stare.
The character Lelouch reminds a little bit of John Rambo (from the Rambo series) not because of looks as he looks too much like a girly man (read that again but with an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation) but more because he fights like a ruthless killing machine (so a Rambo 4 version of John Rambo) and it's really badass.  Problem with watching a show like this where the episodes are released on their own is that it can really feel unsatisfying if not done right.  This show succeeds in doing show and peaks up your interest into finding out what happens next but it just barely managed to do this.
Oh how the moonlight brings out the beauty in your eyes... oh wait... that's just my reflection... damn I look good. 
Artwork has a very sharp and crisp look to it, I quite enjoy it as not only is it great to look at but it also sets my nostalgic senses going off with it reminding me of mecha shows from the 1980s and 1990s and Cowboy Bebop (yes I am aware that what I'm mentioning are most likely other shows by Sunrise).  The background sets in this program are very nicely done with a decent amount of detail that was also used pretty well mixing in with the battle scenes.  Japanese dub had a pretty strong sound that added a layer of grandness to the characters and also adding to the atmosphere.  Sadly the soundtrack is pretty forgettable and I can't think of any of the tracks once the show finished.
WOW!  Playboy does indeed have good articles.
There is a basic (but welcomed) set of special features that include a lot of commercials and teasers for this episode.  I do have one complaint about this as one of the trailers for this includes footage that never appeared in this show much like the trailer for the film "Highlander Endgame (2000)" but unlike that particular film this one just used alternate versions of certain scenes and didn't end up being shitty.
I didn't know you were an organ donor.  Dibs kidneys.
Overall this was a pretty interesting program and I am looking forward to the second episode when it eventually comes out.  I can't say that fans of the show will like this or not as I haven't seen much of the main series and this review probably (most likely) shows that.  Anyway I do recommend checking this one out.  Fun viewing.
Rock.  Robot Rock. Do-le-do-do-le-doo. - Daft Punk

Title: Code Geass - Akito The Exiled. Episode 1: The Wyvern Arrives
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Drama, War, Mecha
Running Time: 51 minutes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au)
Rating: M15+ (Animated violence)
Price: $24.95
Recommended: Yes


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I never thought anyone in the history of EVER would compare Lelouche to Rambo, I mean, holy crap. If his character is that drastically different from the original, that alone makes me want to watch this.

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