Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 98

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 1 comments

First podcast in a while.  I've been sitting on a lot of show notes.  The Devil Burning helps me discuss video games and other pressing matters.

Download and listen after the jump.
Open to donations for these lights lol.

Zero Tolerance Link calbe.  Using player 2 Controller Port.

Xbox Mobo Clean up.  bad clock caps

Jew Wario Killed himself

Played Cooking Mama

The making of Die Hard

Doom Plushies

Xbox Bing troll video LOL

Evil Twin Podcast.  Fucking Dawsons

Video Game Manual shit.  Part of a kike starter

Trade in your PS3 for $100 store credit towards Xboner. LOL

Psycho Mantis True Power!

Metal Gear Collection

MGS integral FPS mode.  Have to beat to unlock.  Also has Pocket Station games.

Great Reggie Youtube poop

NSA Spying on game networks.  WoW spies n shit

New Super MArio Bros Wii U co op

Content ID song.  In documents/mcc/songs

Xbox caps

Genesis region switch

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Kazlab208 said...

Oh man, I clearly remember that Jew Wario suicide. I would say it was such a tragedy but after hearing the background behind the final action, it is clearly understandable why it happened. Seeing in his past videos and blogs about being unemplyed for long periods of time, doing a job for three months where he did not get paid for, having the pressure of having to deliver a $10,000 Indigogo project that ended up not being finished because of his final action, relying on his wife to bring home the bacon, and finally being a 42 year old that was still trying to make YouTube a full time career makes why he choose that end more understandable. Hopefully I can get my life under control before the time I am that age so I don't meet the same end.

That Pamperchu guy sure does seem to be a weirdo. I can't even stand looking at dog feces on the sidewalk so imagining somebody wearing used diapers that are soiled just makes me want to vomit. However, if that makes him happy then I guess there is no problem with it. I would just not want to ever meet that person in real life since he probably smells similar to a baby's used diaper.

Finally, this comment marks the end of my task with making MCC a podcast that has a comment attached to every episode. It was a pleasure listening to these old podcast episodes and knowing the resolutions to all these news stories. Hopefully we can keep this streek of having a comment for every episode up for a while.

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