Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 114

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, March 17, 2016 12 comments

Felt the need to make a new podcast.  Here it is.  Enjoy Balzak!


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Kazlab208 said...

Oh yeah!!! New Mondocoolcast after a 9 month hiatus. This so far has now been your longest hiatus.

About the first episode of MCTV, don't you worry. I'll keep a copy of the first episode here just for you in case I have some 'use' for it. Got to fill this 1 TB hard drive with something.

Anyways, glad to hear your voice again after not hearing it for so long. Look forward to the next episode when E3 comes around in June.

Death Adder said...

I came buckets.

Critical Failure said...

Holy Shit Jerry made new audio fun!

Critical Failure said...

Get an FM Transmitter for your truck to jam out while your tape deck is broken. They go for like 10 or 12 bucks.

Critical Failure said...

Those strike games were cool as shit. I was never any good at them but they were all god damn fun.

Darth Tallis said...

You live! Dun-dun-duuuuun~!

I use eucalyptus oil to remove stickers on plastic cases. It works well with our classification stickers when they're used and printed on the sleeves. They're thick as shit, and the adhesive could be used to strip hair.

I've never attempted to remove stickers from older cardboard boxes for fear of ruining the box. Never thought of using a hair dryer.

I remember buying a cheap 32X, and it was an absolute mess. The RF shielding was caked in rust. I pulled that apart, scraped the shielding clean, cleaned up the board with isopropyl, and washed the plastic outer casing. Worth it, though. Thing works.

I can't remember the name of it, but there was a game on the SNES that was similar to Desert Strike. All I remember was that it was pretty good.

Unknown said...

New MCC, fucking epic!

Yeah I sometimes listen to my old music, that I used to enjoy when I was younger. Its nostalgic, but it can get pretty cringy and embarrasing. Good thing is that people change. I am kind of sick of guys just hoarding games, but never playing them. What is the point? I have only collected a little so far, but I play old games on various emulators regurarly. I also wanna get more games for snes and nes for playing purposes, but they are just getting more expensive. Gonna get a snes region converter and a genesis with a region switch to I can play all my american games. Getting nes region converter is more of a bitch as these were rare, and if you can find one they are expensive. I do think its cool to know that something you bought has history to it. Not a big instagramm fan, but Ill check out yours, Im sure its cool. Yeah, when I played my NES on my modern flatscreen, something didnt feel right. Its like you gotta play a C64 or Atari on a huge old tube TV, you know? Bithead is pretty entertaining, watched his Cadash LP last. Im happy you have been working on content, we all need more JT in our life. Id love to be on the show one of these days again. Good episode man, keep up the good work!


YES MONDO COOL! I subscribed to bithead1000 like what i see so far.

British Steel said...

I share your sentiment on shelf-collecting. My only pet peeve is if I buy a cart on eBay, and since the picture and actual item doesn't match, I have sharpie scribbled on it, I'm pissed. My only problem is sharpie on the label (not the back, though). In regards to buying games, yes, I buy them to play them and not just have them sit on my shelf.

When it comes to the need to clean up and refurbish the game, it's the same with cars. I'm looking to get an older Chevy pickup with either the old Vortec 350 or a newer one with a 5.3 liter (I actually need a pickup). I don't care if it needs work done to it; I like tearing apart and rebuilding old engines. If I have to replace some parts and/or put in some performance parts, it can be done.

In the end, the game you just cleaned up and refurbished isn't just a plastic casing with a circuit board. You have a little more appreciation for your cartridge, and the same goes with your car.

BTW, does your Durango have a V6, 4.7 liter, 5.2 liter (318 cubic inch) or a 5.9 liter (360)? And are you a Chrysler/Dodge fan, or is it just a coincidence that you replaced a Dodge with another Dodge?

JerryTerrifying said...

@British Steel The Durango has a 5.2L V8 Magnum. I'm not really a car dude and my entire family is a Dodge family. I put 200,000+ on the neon and my brother was like you should buy my sons Durango. Winter was coming and the past two winters I was stuck in the snow. It was $1000 so I was like fuck yeah I'm going to buy this truck. I do love the Durango and honestly probably should become more of a car guy. My brothers been a professional mechanic for decades but he's moving to lame South Carolina so I won't be able to just ask him to fix shit for me anymore lol.

British Steel said...
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British Steel said...

Well, any V-8 truck that starts, drives, doesn't have transmission issues, and has a body that's not rotten off the frame will go for a grand or more, so you did well on that.

The 5.2L Magnum V8 is basically the metric name of the old 318 cubic inch Chrysler LA engine with electronic fuel injection replacing the old carburetor setup. (318/61 cubes per liter = ~5.2L).

That 318 (in one mod or another) was put in trucks and some cars going all the way back to the 1960s. Chargers, Barracudas, Demons, Darts, Dusters, Dakotas, Imperials, Fury, on and on. Dodge and Plymouth cop cars even had these.

You got the good V8 too; the 4.7L is a cuck until you get into the mid 2000s (but by that time the much better 5.7L Hemi was available).

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