Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 115

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, April 7, 2016 5 comments

Felt the need to make a new podcast.  Here it is.  Enjoy Balzak!


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Kazlab208 said...

Oh damn.

Death Adder said...

I have never believed in a cause more strongly than titty bitches wiggling, if I had 70 bucks to burn, I'd import that game just to support the non-retard movement.

And as far as women being portrayed in video games, what about that last Tomb Raider game on the PS3, I thought to myself for a minute"boy golly, I sure would like to throw it in to Lara Croft's shitter if she were a real person" then I just played the game and didn't even think about her being a girl, if anything she was a great role model for girls, because she took a beating and kept kicking ass. Even if they kept her original comically over-sized tits, who cares, BREASTS EXIST!!!

I'll have to check out your Twitch channel, I got pretty hardcore in to watching Twitch in 2015 for a few months, if you find the right streamer and the right chat room, it can actually be a ton of fun. However, I haven't been on it as much this year, as I'd rather just play a video game myself and listen to a podcast in the background or something. You'll have to start using a mic, so that me and Balzak can constantly harass you with personal questions to distract from your Bombermanings.

Anywho, I'm glad that podcast pissed you off, because I have enjoyed your return, keep it up man.

Critical Failure said...

Jerry, I listened as soon as I got the newsletter from MCC which had your podcast post in it. Social justice warriors thrive on people discussing their ridiculous actions. That was one of the main factors that pushed Anita Sarkeesian;s Career forward. people got upset about her and everyone talked about how she was full of shit and consequently she got a million views. These people know they are being ridiculous. They are trying to be so ridiculous that we discuss what they are doing and hopefully observe their actions further.

Enjoy your titty games in peace.

Unrelated note, have you ever played Project Horned Owl on ps1?

Kazlab208 said...

I know this might come out of left field but what is your opinion on Loveline?

Asking since the show is ending this Thursday, April 28th. After 30 years on the air, the show is finally coming to a close. Adam Carolla will be co hosting the final episode.

I was introduced to Loveline by you and CF so I just have to know your thoughts on this as well.

mechaMenace said...

The non-virtual world is uncensored. Why should the internet be?

RE: Critical Failure
Even if these SJW spokespeople don't believe in what they are preaching, there are dumb people that do.

Suddenly there's an active minority shaping the public opinion. A business shouldn't have to put any time into figuring out how to deal with these dummies. If they spent one second to think for themselves, they would appreciate the freedoms they are given.

These SJWs are as bad as the terrorists in the middle-east. They only want to diminish the freedoms of others by enforcing them to live by their infantile view of the world. The difference is that the guys with sand in their shoes like to force their opinion on others by getting them to blow up themselves.

I agree that podcast is infuriatingly boring and obnoxious.

Strikers is awesome. Psikyo made some sweet arcade games. Check out Gunbarich. It was never ported, so throw that on your XBox.

You may want to look into RCA or JVC video switchers which convert composite to S-Video. I recommend the RCA CRF940.
They sharpen the image nicely without modding the system. I can send you pics of my systems using the device on an LCD. The only downside I noticed is with the NES. It looks like scanlines were added (I doubt that they are scanlines, but it looks like that). However, instead of the normal horizontal scan lines, these are vertical like you tate-ed your screen.

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