Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 116

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, September 6, 2016 2 comments

Me n Mecha talk some shit.  Got a voice mail to the show.  How about the rest of you man up and drop the show a voice mail?
Last two weeks VR porn is ok Wooly World 3DS Platformer Pikmin Mario Maker 3DS Bill Nye new show Rick and Morty creators announce VR game studio Adult Swim publishing new Tj & Earl game on pc and consoles PlayStation Now on your PC Square's TGS 2016 lineup Pixel art alive game or Bangai-Oey Defnitely your last MGS5 update. Defnitely. Japan's next Godzilla film hits October 11th Samurai Jack / Dexter's Lab creator does Cage comic Judgement Day 3D

Fun / Other Hamster Kirby Bit pillow Lindsey dismissed Amazon making sure your sellers have rep Psychonauts album Build-an-Evee

Four weeks back Metal Gear Survive Pysical release of Rez Infinite Parrapa Anime Interesting claymation game Speaking of claymation, Amikrog on PS4 Monster Boy, the successor to Wonder Boy PC-Engine HDMI adapter Godzilla anime announced Slightly less expensive EXPENSIVE Mecha-NES Maximum Games releases physical versions of downloadables
Fun / Other Greasy fingers on your laptop--Pizza Hut DJ box 16bit Disney on GOG Akira (Virtua Fighter) robot Metal Gear artist redesigns Godzilla Sega arcade bag has hidden message. Neat

Everyone say thank you to Mecha Menace for the show links.   


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Critical Failure said...

Jerry, the anime you described sounds an awful lot like Project A-Ko. I saw that on Saturday morning Anime on Sci-Fi network as well. You description reminds me very much of the end of that movie.

Kazlab208 said...

Glad to see another Mondo Cool Cast after not seeing one for a while. Sucks that Mondo Cool TV is going to take a lot longer to get cranked out than previously expected. I guess if releasing the segments as separate videos is more feasible for consistenty, then it is probably the better choice in order to keep a more built in audience. Just do what is best for the channel and I would still watch it.

I am also looking into getting Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball 3 when I get my PS4 Pro in November. Reasoning for this is because the first game on the Xbox was actually a pretty fun party game when you are playing with other people. So I can only imagine the "improvements" the 3rd game in the series has to offer. Also it is a pretty sweet bonus to stick it to those SJW Journalists to help get more of these games made by buying them.

I have a mixed opinion about Dragon Quest. I played most of 1 on GBC, a good chunk of 4 on DS, three hours of 8 on an Android tablet, and about a couple hours of 9. After trying those games, I can form the opinion that I don't really enjoy Dragon Quest that much. However, I somehow enjoy the Final Fantasy series way more and even beat about a third of all the main series games. I know that is complete haresey to you but I just find Final Fantasy more engaging with having more spectacle, being more of a detailed world, and feeling as if it is a bigger game. All the Dragon Quest games just all feel the same to me with the simplistic world and battle mechanics.

That really sucks that you lost one of your friends already. Just to ask without divulging specially who it is, was it the same guy that mixed up the box of baby ashes with a Crown Royale Bag? Because if it was then I'm sure that guy at least led a very interesting life and lived it to the fullest to not regret any of it.

Finally a question to end this on a happier note. What is in your opinion the golden era of MCC? Asking since CF mentioned in the latest episode of TCR what he thought the best era of his podcast was which he stated is between mid 2010 to late 2011. In my personal opinion, the golden era of MCC was the summer of 2011. This is because it was the summer after I graduated high school which in turn left me with a whole free summer. So one of my favorite activites during that time was tuning into the weekly live shows you started churning out before summer began. Thursday nights at 7 PST were the highlight of the week every time during that summer. Also that was the time when we got the classic drunk cast episode so that alone makes it a golden era. 

Well that is all for now. Hope that permanent new dank pit works out for you. Keep it up with churning out episodes when you can so I can have a podcast to listen.

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