Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 118

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Tuesday, November 15, 2016 6 comments

It's a new Mondo Cool Cast friends.  The recording is fucked and Mecha Meance is really low energy and hard to hear.  You're probably not missing much anyways.  ;)  Download pls.

Everyone say thank you to Freddy for sending a voice mail and securing you a nearly 5 hour podcast.  You can be the hero next time by calling the Mondo Cool Hotline.


I have an article published in The Retrogaming Times.

Canadian Toys R Us leaks price of Switch (original TRU link now dead)
Nintendo finally confirms end of WU production
Drum / looping cart for GB
Upcoming Ubi Sci-Fi game trailer found in Watch Dogs
FF15 pre-order bonuses--lots of them
Nintendo wants to get out more NES minis
XBONE BC for Guardian Heroes
I guess this gets rid of the usefulness of Amiibo in Yoshi Wooly World 3DS
new 3DS exploit released
Top 10 most downloaded PSVR games
NES mini already being hacked...quite well, actually
Mountain Dew must be jealous. Pizza Hut giving away XBONES every hour
Modding season open for Fallout 4 on PS4
Vivendi continuing hostile takeover of Ubisoft
VR Pinball game. Pretty good VR use.
Capcom running risk-analysis on Switch (ie waiting to put full development weight behind console)
Why is John Wick popular? It was an ok movie.
Marvel gets character back in trade with Fox
Nerd collection show hosted by Mark Hamill
Young Justice season 3 is happening
Wonka prequel


Pixel Pal lamps
Fighter Kirby and more from F4F
Fun shirt for your GF

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j said...

Love all the link to articles! And great podcast!

j said...

And you ought look into working in radio too!

JerryTerrifying said...

@Unkown Hey thanks I appreciate that a lot. You know I've heard a few times before I should look into radio...not sure where I could get a radio gig where I can talk about video games for an hour.

And listening to this episode I just noticed that the recording captured my soundcard and was playing the audio from the video I was watching. Man I'll have to make sure to never do that again!

Death Adder said...

I will only do the Mondo Cool Cast under certain circumstances, it has to be on the April 17th 2020 10 year anniversary special, I have a long list of trigger words that can not be mentioned, I need my dressing room filled with blue M&M's, and finally Balzak must also be on the episode.

I just googled Wario Fan 14 and he is now called Gamer Gabe 18, so who is the asshole now?

mechaMenace said...

What happened to the audio? JT, get your shit together.
Also, since JT was lazy, here's those links to those kickass Turtles figs:

How awesome are those?

DeathAdder, how's the Pete & Pete run going?

Regarding your rider, we need to switch your M&Ms to orange, red, and green so that can hustle--I mean, strategically align our self with a Mountain Dewd-bro sponsorship.

Self-promotion bit here. If anyone got up to that part in the cast, here is my POP! figure spoof I did in my latest vid:

+100 points to anyone who gets the reference

Death Adder said...

(Reply to Mecha, no need to read on air)

Pete & Pete was going good, only watched a few episodes, but I seemed to appreciate the show even more today, which says something about the quality of it.

I like those turtle figs, if the Ralph with the white eyes and brown belt with the (R) on it isn't going to be 3 grand, I wouldn't mind having it.

Mecha you should join the forum, right now the 3 most autistic guys on the internet are on it, we could use a 4th member.

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