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mechaMenace said...

I guess it makes sense that there weren't clones of Paperboy bitd. I could imagine Atari had more weight in the courtroom than most of the arcade manufacturers then. Going belly to belly with that sumo would be suicide.

Does this game have the day system like Paperboy where subscribers change based on day of the week and events only happen on certain days?

It didn't look like your ammo / VHS was limited as it is in Paperboy with newspapers. I guess the devs wanted to make it easier than Paperboy. Also, not every animated character interacted when hit with flying tape. That seems like a lost opportunity. Paperboy did that so well.

The movement of your character seems stilted, restricting movement to specific lanes. While that does take away control, it seems like it would make hit detection easier for the devs while making movement and timing easier for the player, though it also leads to more of those accidents such as landing on the side of a bench when you though you would clear it when switching lanes and jumping.

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