Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 121

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, September 8, 2017 5 comments

It's a new podcast!

Last Mondo Cool Cast recorded in the Terror Dome.  I talk about some E3 shit in the most timely of fashions.  Pls listen and respond.  


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Death Adder said...

I listened to this 5 hours ago and ever since you mentioned a possible return to the LIVE Mondo Cool Cast, I've spent that entire time ejaculating in to the kitchen sink. I am now ready to post a comment.

You have mentioned Dragon Quest in every video and/or podcast for at least a year, if a man talks that much about a series then it is worth checking out. Now that I have Nintendo 2DS (which is also the exact hardware inside of my XBOX One) I will pick up Dragon Quest when I see it for 20 dollary doos.

Here is my question, sans Metal Gear, Shenmue, and Windjammers is there not a single PS4 game from 2013-2017 has excited your nether regions even a little bit? I'll be the first one to admit that this console generation is the worst one ever, but there has to be something!!

Have you seen the amount of pixels on Nathan Drake's DLC pants, it's amazing.

mechaMenace said...

Death Adder:
I agree with you that this console generation is not as exciting though I am inclined to side with JT for the reason. We're battle-weary gamers. We've seen the wheel re-invented 40 times over.

Since PS2-GameCube-XBox eras, consoles have been approaching parity. Nintendo seems to be the only platform that tries something different. Even though they can't push the pixels that these Sony and XBox PCs can, maybe there's enough interest to bring over gamers and hence developers to make content that is interesting to jaded gamers--content that takes advantage of its unique hardware

mechaMenace said...

I expect DBZ will have a Marvel vs Capcom-sized roster to match its MvC gameplay. The fighting looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if the game will support local multiplayer. This modern-gaming age makes that a question, which sucks. The game nails the mix of 2D anime with 3D arenas far better than any other fighter I've seen. The animations for the characters look great. They are very intricate.

If you are a fan of games like Flashback, Blackthorne, and old-school Prince of Persia, you may not have noticed The Last Night. Check it out when you have time. It looks like they are doing some interesting things.

Also, besides porting the Wii U to the Switch, Nintendo is doing some clever things with the Yarn Yoshi game for Switch. If you can get over your manly manliness, you may also want to try out that game for your Switch. It won't be very challenging but it looks like a fun game to explore.

How could you want Metroid Prime 4? They haven't shown anything. Also, can we get out of this prequel-verse? Either way, I'm hung when it comes to Metroid games. Samus feels samey after 10-20 games. They were feeling out some new, exciting things with Fusion by thrusting her character into some new directions. Maybe the devs couldn't handle the initial fan reaction.

There's a lot I could write about this E3, but I think I left enough here already. I will say that I'm really excited to see more of what Insomniac does with Spider-Man on the PS4.

Castlevania Netflix was disappointing but not for any of the reasons you mentioned. The producers used their funding to make a preamble. Castlevania proper never really starts up.

They gambled on whether Netflix would fund more shows when they made this. Nothing is wrapped up in these four short episodes and a million doors are opened.

I am interested in seeing what they do with Dracula as a sympathetic character. He isn't the ultimate evil as depicted in the videogames. The Church is depicted as the controlling theocracy of the dark ages. To me, it fits the period though I'm not familiar with any opposer like the fictional Belmont which had the balls to say anything against them without becoming fried shishkebab or locked in a dungeon.

Balzak's comment was like a podcast inside a podcast. Did you do anything in Japan besides shop at game stores, Kazlab? said...

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Death Adder said...

@mecha menace
I think I have at least one more legit console generation in me before I exclusively play roms from the 80's & 90's on some sort of Raspberry Pi gimmick.

There is no telling how many women were impregnated by Balzak during his adventures in Japan. His nickname over there is Weeweechoochoo which translates in to The White Dragon with many swords.
greatest Mondocoolmmunity member of all time, I have never laughed harder at a comment.

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