Tiger Claw Radio #211 - The Tism Challenge

Posted by Critical Failure On Monday, November 27, 2017 1 comments


British Steel said...

1. As far as the "best star wars game" question goes, I loved the Rogue Squadron series on N64 and Game Cube; especially the first two. The third game introduced on-foot levels that were totally unnecessary (just like Star Fox Command did on Game Cube). They were way better than the later Jedi Starfighter and Naboo Starfighter games that came out later. I lament that Factor 5 no longer exists and that Rogue Squadron died with them.

I also really enjoyed the PS2/Xbox BattleFront games. Some of my work friends and I (in our bachelor days) spent many alcohol-fueled evenings on multiplayer. Those were great times, at least until one of the guys got frustrated and started team-killing with Chewbacca's guided missiles.

2. I also played Perfect Dark without the Expansion Pak for several months before I was able to buy it separately (IIRC it was was packed-in with Donkey Kong 64 but I never bothered to get that one). If you plan on playing it again, I suggest browsing Ebay for that memory cart; it's like playing it for the first time all over again.

3. Forsaken was also on PlayStation and I had played that on a demo disc I got in PlayStation Magazine. I had never played it on N64 because I did not have the console at that time. When I *did* finally get a '64, I was occupied with the more popular games and didn't even notice it existed.

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