Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 122

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, September 10, 2018 6 comments

It's a new podcast!

I'm not even sure what happened on this one.  Check it out!   It's been done since last year I believe!


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Kazlab208 said...

Kazlab208 said...

Also, I'm curious about your opinions on Hotel Transelvania. Send that review to me through Skype if you have the time.

mechaMenace said...

River City probably didn't catch fire because it didn't have the clout of a big arcade game behind its release and because of the lame cover. Where's the action and intensity of the Double Dragon or Streets of Rage covers? The art is well drawn, but it looks like a hardy boys cover. The 50s weren't cool to kids in the 80s. We had electric pink and neon yellow sunglasses, dude! Man, where did those colors go in the lexicon? I mean, they are still around, but I never hear anyone refer to a color as being electric, neon, lightning, etc.

I totally agree with button testing combos on those early games. You had to test all permutations. However, sometimes the weirdest combos still pass you by without a manual such as holding a button or a direction down for a few seconds.

Bid tip: throw your max bid at under 6 seconds left. Bidding on item encourages others to bid because if the auction ends with a bid, that's it--you don't get another opportunity for that specific item in the condition you want. If you do place a bid days earlier and get outbid, do not bid again until under 6 seconds. Outbidding other people is like slapping them in the face. Nothing gets their adrenaline going more.

Darren Aronofsky directed Black Swan. I never saw that, but I did see The Fountain (also directed by Aronofsky) which is one of my favorite movies. I find repeat viewings more insightful. It's not a typical straightforward narrative.

What's up with Balzak's comment being dated a month ago as stated in his voice comment? This podcast was posted September 10th? Something's fishy here. Did you invent time travel? It was extra odd, considering your comments about the unborn baby and this year's October 13th having past confused me at first. Then I read the podcast's description.

JerryTerrifying said...

@MechaMeance Balzak sent that comment in a while ago. There's an episode that already responds to it. I didn't realize this was made until after I got done recording it. I'll try to get the next one out in a week or so.

Death Adder said...

YouTube is so awful these days, there is a reason why I haven't made a legitimate video in 2 years. I mostly just use it down load music, watch BitHead1000, and videos about Tower 7 falling. Of course I never pass up a video from the old Mondo-Round verse gang. Every YouTuber is just a meme now, they all have the same set up, they all talk exactly the same, and their videos are usually way too long. It takes too much effort to scroll through the puppets to find a real person anymore. I miss the days of low quality webcams too.

I have Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, I got it for $11.98 on clearance at Target one year ago. It will be played, I just haven't turned on my 2DS also in about a year. But don't worry I have advanced autism too, I just need to focus it back on my 2DS.

"hiring 100 Filipinos to try to make Lara Croft's tits round instead of triangle" -The Mondo Cool Cast

I've been liking watching the Terror Dome 2.0 grow with more treasures, it is starting to look like the old one. It is your world, but I still think it needs a new name other than Terror Dome.

Thanks for releasing another episode!

Kazlab208 said...

Shenmue 3 finally released!
Replaying Shenmue on either the HD Collection or Dreamcast/Original Xbox for anticipation of 3
Dragon Quest 1-3 on Switch
Death Standing
Dragon Ball Z Kakorot aka.8th Gen Dragonball Z Sagas
Pokemon Sword and Shield
Panzer Dragoon Remake 1+2
Yakuza 7 RPG aka.Tokyo Earthbound
Bayoneta 3
Metroid 4
PlayStation 5/Project Scarlet Holiday 2020
Google Stadia
End of Classic Game Room
Ghostbusters Afterlife aka.The Good One
Sonic the Hedghgog Movie Valentine's Day 2020 Petedorr's Wetdream
MCC 10 Year Anniversary March 25th 2020

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