I finally got a fully working Sega CDX. It is an amazing piece of hardware. So compact and full of amazing. I only had to fuss with it a little bit to get it working. The AC input had a little corrosion and it looked like it was bent down when it needed to be bent up slightly to keep the AC adaptor in snugly. So I used a push pin to scrape off a little corrosion and then got it under the little hump and bent it up slightly. Works 100%. The First Sega CDX I got has much more severe issues that will need further fucking with.

I was thinking though. The Sega CDX would be an amazing starting point for a portable Sega CD unit. If I were an electronic engineer I'd love to give that a shot.


Brendan said...

Hah sweet, sounds like a pain but it works so who gives a fuck :D. Just noticed you had a website on your youtube account so I checked it out pretty sweet blog hehe currently watching your lost viking 2 video on youtube in the other tab

Sinistermoon said...

Way awesome man! I would love to have one of those.

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