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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, March 8, 2010 18 comments

Once upon a time there was a girl on youtube. This girl liked awesome things like Solid Snake and Travis touch down. She quickly rose to the top of the youtube gaming community and was posting tons of amazing reviews and interviews. She's met with and spoke to David Hayter the voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss the screen writer that brought us The Watchmen...a dream of mine...she was living the life! Thousands upon thousands of subscribers and fans watched every one of her entertaining energy filled videos.

Not only was she a girl gamer but she just oozes personality. You can really tell she was having a good time in front of the camera and enjoying every last bit of her youtubing career.

After months of immense internet success as that hot babe that knows what a Solid Snake really is she went on a hiatus. Fans were saddedened but the world kept on spinning. People wondered if she had died or just given up on youtube. She did for a while keep a blog site and would post occasionally about what she was playing and other gaming related articles. Then the site disappeared. She failed to renew her hosting. Bummer.

Then recently she took down her Youtube page and tweeted her farewells. This is where I start to get bothered. Of course it was sad seeing one of my first subsctiptions stop making videos...my weekends of watching SGI will be fondly looked back upon. But I could cope...I had in that time started making my own totally sweet gaming videos for youtube and getting involved with other awesome youtubers and things were good. Occasionally though I'd go back and watch her interviews with the voice cast of Metal Gear Solid, my favorite franchise.

What I'm having trouble understanding is why would she take down her youtube channel? She says it's to focus on her studies furthering her education. That's fine. I applaud her decision to do something empowering and positive in her life. But why the big slap in the face to her thousands and thousands of fans? Why can't I go back and watch an old video? How was it hurting her and detracting from her studies?

She tweeted

" I needed to focus on my life, not the show for awhile and figure things out. I don't think that's unreasonable."

It is not unreasonable, it's an excellent choice as a matter of fact. However a youtube account will exist forever provided you don't delete it. You can go to college, work a job, start a career, fuck you can even birth some babies all while not clicking on the Delete Account button. Quite easily. I dare say it's easier to NOT go through the hassle of logging in, going to the settings and clicking that link and just let the page exist in its current state. Not doing things is perhaps the easiet activity in which a human can engage in.

She also Tweeted
"Sorry, the videos will remain down. Please do not repost them. @********* with all the love comes plenty of hate."

Of course with fans and love comes hate and rudeness. That's the nature of the game. Not everyones going to like you. Some one hates you, yes you reading this post, someone hates you. That's life. So am I to believe that the thousands of people wanting more videos have been sending nasty comments and messages? Is that why she's pulling her page down? I certainly hope she has more self esteem and confidence than that, to let what random internet nerds say effect her life in any way. I have a policy regarding hateful or negative comments on my youtube page. I leave them up, hell I've even quoted some of them on my profile because they're actually pretty funny. Not just because they're a dip shit...just because the shit they talked was pretty harsh and I like that. I believe completely in freedom of speech and every single human being is free to look as stupid as they so choose. I encourage and support it. I will never delete a nasty comment, even if it bruises me ego or pisses me off, I sack up and accept that some idiot doesn't like me.

What upsets me is that she's basically saying FUCK YOU to every one of her thousands of fans. She's decided that I can't watch her videos. That is flat out selfish. Deleting her account serves no one but her. Her fans can be damned, apparently. What if four years later after she's finished school she decideds to make a new gaming related video? None of her fans will know it. Had she left her youtube page up she could notify thousands of people instnatly to her reappearence. According to her twitter page it too will be down by the end of the week. So she can't update her hundreds of twitter followers either.

I believe once a piece of media has been released into the world that it deserves to be preserved. For good or for worse that piece of media belongs to the World at large. There are litterally thousands of people that loved and adored each of her videos. People have watched them over and over and have found hours of enjoyment from Sadie's work. Sadly Sadie has decided you don't deserve to see them ever again. Her amazing interviews with big names in the voice acting and screen writing community have been taken down. Those are pretty significant pieces of work in the gaming press. Deleted for seemingly no reason other than some nasty comments? Or the fact that files existing on a media sharing website might somehow interfere with her education? I call bullshit.

In summary I support her decision to empower herself with further education and taking her life to bigger and better things. That's absoloutely amazing and I wish her all the luck in the World. However the decision to slap her thousands of loyal fans in the face by completely removing her presence from the whole of the internet is sensless and benefits only her but hurts thousands of game fans. Had she left the page up should she decide to do anything she'd have a huge fan base waiting for her with open arms ready to smile and welcome back her quirky energetic presence. If she does come back to the youtube gaming scene I might miss out on it all together, and that's just sad.

Leave me some comments here or on the youtube page that brought you here. I want to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was a fan of UltraNeko for a time. However, I found myself to be jealous of her as well. Longer before youtube, I've struggled for years trying to find an audience and express myself the way Ultraneko did in her videos. I always had a passion for video making and editing, but never had the support or fan base that she had achieved, and while she was funny at times, there's no denying that a large majority of her fans just liked her because she had tits.

Then she went on hiatus, not really giving her fans any reason why this happened. I'm sorry, but if I had even a fraction of the fanbase she had, I would at least try to give a reason why, instead of just ignoring everyone like she did. Now this has happened, where she removed her channel completely? That's a much worse offense.

I got a stupid website with some of my old dumb videos on it. No one watches them, but i leave em up in case someone ever did stumble on the site. There's no reason for me to take it down! If I had a fan base like Ultraneko had, there's even less reason to take them down!

She's now focusing on her education supposedly. Ok, that's fine. But what kind of idiot is she where she can't still post about video games on a blog or a twitter? I go to college, and work full time, but still find a way to enjoy video games, and discuss it because it's what I enjoy. Twitter and blogging is a way of life that's just getting bigger and bigger, and what? she's gonna stop doing it all together now. she just had to delete the accounts because ...why? so she doesn't feel tempted to make a post on twitter? i don't see the logic in removing the option to post a tweet in your life. It takes a grand total of 5-10 seconds to post a sentence on twitter.

It's just aggravating. It makes me think that she was just a spoiled bitch, because she had all the things many youtubers/gamers could only dream of. A big fanbase, connection to people who work in the video game industry (metal gear solid voice talent no less), having attended E3. Wow, these are things that would bring so much joy to my life personally, but she's throwing it away. Getting an education doesn't mean you have to throw away what you love. And if she's doing that, she's not gonna be happy in life.

DancingCowofDoom said...

I had my say in a similar blog post, and it would feel phony to copypaste what I said here, so I'll just link to it.


Anonymous said...

I am sad.
I have to find the missing pieces of her videos......through google :/

To tell you the truth, i loved coming home and watching reruns and then if im ever mad or bored i just flipped to UltraNeko....:/
Oh well. Its a slap in the face...but it happens....

Life goes on but i will admit i had great memories. She will be missed...and hated...and a target to punch the living day lights out of...but eh. its ok.

owen said...

it was only a matter of time before she got knocked up. She was playing a CHARACTER. Every show ends at some point, move on and find other shows. It is the nature of youtube.

Anonymous said...

Sadie moved on to do voice-over narrating on the Machinima Today Youtube show. She did that for a few months until early 2010, when she stopped doing that as well and disappeared completely.

I hope when/if she returns online, she'll upload all her old videos again. Some of her stuff was good enough to put on a DVD like the Mega64.com guys do. And the rest of the time her huge double D breasts were very nice to look at too. Oh come on, you know I had to say it! But in all seriousness, she was a real gamer and often her skits were funny, I miss them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It sucks. I was just googling to see if she had left any proper reason for her disappearance on the net, and all I could find was stuff like this. I'm guessing she might have private reasons though, and that the education part might just be something to blame it on. Or whatever. But Sadie, if you should ever find this: Please come back! We love you, and your prescence on YouTube was phenomenal and is sorely missed!

chris said...

thats fucking bullshit......people didn't like her because she had tits....i watched her because i just love what she does...she manages to put humor in reviews...unlike other fucks on YT that just take it seriously and think of it as a money making business....she was a regular person with an idea thats all.....half the things you see on t.v are fake too....the balloon boy for instance, she was a good person that does not deserve crap from anybody whatsoever she's better than that.....she had an obvious reason to take down her vids...maybe because there were creeps sending her pm's that i know where you live or that were just regularly harassing her because of her looks....im going to abide by her decisions and sadie if you ever find this at all.....please just come back to youtube....im one of the thousands of fans that just loves your vids...please just come back when you get the chance.....

Fan #243 said...

Man I see alot of stuff about Ulraneko now, I only watched back when she interviewed David Hayter. Now I came to see a video and her profile was shut down :(

Apparently, from what Ive seen on Youtube she scammed some people for some money (saying it was for games and equipment) and then didn't use it for what she said she was going to use it for. Then she had a fight with her boyfriend who happened to be the cameraman? Her twitter thing is awfully disgraceful towards everyone.

I think the twitter account is fake though.
I have no clue Wtf happened but I sure am bummed about her leaving.

"Being a single mom is not easy, stop bothering me about the show its over"
11:44 PM Mar 19th via Twitter

"ugh, my personal life is none of anyones fucking business. Ultraneko was a CHARACTER a show a script not real, thats why it was deleted."
5:16 PM Mar 20th via Twitter

"not giving back the donation money. You had to be naive to think I was actually going to use it for the show i just used netflix. stop askin"
4:45 PM Mar 28th via Twitter

"the cameraman was my boyfriend, his idea for the show, his script, his jokes, him playing the game, him editing. no him no show that simple."
2:02 PM Mar 28th via Twitter

"@wawiluk FUCKultraphoenix report him those are MYvideos i took them down 4a reason if i wanted id still be making $$$ from them"
Mon Jun 14 2010 11:42:20 (Eastern Daylight Time) via Twitter in reply to wawiluk

Just seems sad..
If this really is her twitter, then I wouldn't care. It just seems so fishy.
I say we should let the twitter page rot.
(coming from someone who copy-pasted quotes ._.)
Maybe the fight was real and her boyfriend stole her twitter and locked her youtube up. Since she 'prolly doesn't know how to use some equipment she cant post videos.

And all the people who "Knew" her I'd have to know in real life, it just seems like something you'd have to see to believe. I wish I knew her though. Sort things out and all. Wishful thinking though.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

She is really getting a bad rap for no reason here. Hey, it's still a free country. If she wants to shelve her content, we need to repspect that. She was in a class I took in L.A. a few years back--very studious--very quiet--always prepared.
It's so crude the way some people insist on objectifying her. The freaks come out. They really do. That's the part most of us don't see.
Her dad was her cameraman. Where is all of the misinformation coming from? And why so much hate? It probably had something to do with her stepping away. Don't believe the hype.

halfbeast said...

hi there!

after discovering that someone posted all her videos on a new youtube account, I came across your blog and thought, I'd tell my theory behind her disappearance.

I'm no e-celebrity, though I did have my own little internet-stalker/psycho experience once. some crazy chick was spreading rumors about me, how I'm a bad person and only want to hurt women, etc. - I got quite the hatemail / threats for a while. thankfully, it blew all over, when that psycho did it to someone else and people started to get suspicious.

and that's what I think happened (kind of) to sadie. she probably received a game from a fan (stalker), who expected he'd probably get daily boob-pics or something from her. that never happened, rumor started, people believed it (if it's on the interwebs it MUST be true, right?) and that probably led to the deletion of her e-existence.

as I said, someone posted all her videos on youtube again, so all is well. I guess...

Sluggsworth said...

I miss her, Screw all the hater. She is better them all of them :)

Anonymous said...

We were best friends in high school and i hope that she is ok, if only i knew her number :( Sadie i hope your ok where ever you are!!!

Anonymous said...

I think her face fell off

Tohdom said...

i am glad i have all her videos to remember her

Unknown said...

I think something happend this is the 10th blog I have seen talking about her but I am still stuck. The only reasons that might be true about ultraneko is that she is focusing on school.She is gone for some odd reason no one my know unless the know her and talk to her. She was hacked and could not do anything about the youtube channel and videos. It is very creepy I have been wondering for years what happend to her? Who actually is ultraneko? These questions may never be answered to me ever in my life.

Tomás Gutierrez said...

Does anyone know from which character/ where did she got it/ from where is it/ the pink hair helmet she used on reviews like Space Channel 5 and MALICE?

http://www.shufflingdead.com/TotW/Interneter/Sadie-UltraNeko.jpg < That one.

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