I started a mod project. I wanted some practice at putting in a disc window so I opted to get a $15 Gamecube for the sole purpose of chopping up. So I took my Gamecube apart, got out the dremmel and got to work. Taking out the Jewel in the center is easy, it just pops out, then chopping out the area under it was a snap.

Next thing I needed to do was run to Lowe's and Hobby Lobby to get some supplies. For a $1.50 I picked up an 8 by 11 sheet of plexiglass. Then at Hobby Lobby I found a hot glue gun.

Cutting out the plexiglass was also a snap. I peeled off the protective layer of plastic and glued that sucker in. Doesn't look half bad. I put up a video on my youtube channel.


A commenter linked me to some U Channel moulding commonly used by PC modders adding windows to PC cases. So I ordered some of that am waiting for it to come in the mail. You get 6 feet for $4 bucks. That should be plenty for any future projects.

I also found a plastics website that sells differently colored pieces of plexiglass. I ordered some samples. Hopfully the sample pieces are the right size to use as a window in the Gamecube. A 4 by 4 inch square should be enough for that project so here's hoping. If not I'll at least have a good idea of what some colors look like for any future projects.

I'm really excited about getting the U channel moulding. And making that edge look better.


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