I went to St Francis' the thrift shop in the next town over yesterday. I bought some sweet Laserdisc movies and some cool old EGM's from 1995 and 1999. Old gaming magazines are way cool. There's so much information in them! I really wish I had read gaming mags way back when and had known about all this cool stuff back then. There's articles about the PCFX, FM Towns Marty and the M2 and Nuon. Just so much cool stuff!

On the way out something caught my eye though. A genesis cart I'd been looking for for a while. I saw Strider for the Genesis! For $2.99! Amazing deal for sure. I took it home and cleaned it up and started playing. Wow! What a find platformer/action game! Lots of fun. Definitely going to have a good time messing around with it.


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