So I just started playing Pokemon Colosseum and so far it's way bad ass. For the most part my Poke-fandom has been limited to the Gameboy/DS games and not so much the console games.

The first console game I had any experience with was the Wii game...Pokemon Battle Revolution. I was not impressed. Later when I started getting games for my Nintendo 64 I picked up Pokemon Snap! and loved it! It was a really fun game but still missing what I loved about the handheld games.

Pokemon Colosseum is the first Pokemon console game with a story mode RPG game. So far I'm loving it. You play as a moody looking fellow with the ability to Snag other peoples Dark Pokemon. You rescue a girl that had been kidnapped and shortly there after find out that she can see Dark Pokemon's auras, the reason she'd been kidnapped in the first place. You team up with her to rescue the Dark Pokemon by snagging them from other trainers. A first for the series. After Snagging the Dark Pokemon you can train them as your own and cleanse the darkness from their aura.

I'm really looking forward to playing the rest of the game. I've been playing Pokemon Leaf Green and am nearing the end of its story mode. After that I plan on starting with either Emerald or Ruby. Emerald and Ruby are compatable with Pokemon Colosseum. So eventually I'll be able to swap Pokemon across all of those games. Bringing my Pokedex nearer to complettion with every trade.

Also looking around on my blogger page I noticed I had the option to set up an Amazon Associates program. So I'm testing that out. Whenever I post about a game I'll include a link to it for sale on amazon. So hopfully someday someone somewhere will click one of these links.


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