I've started my own gaming podcast! In the upper right hand corner of this blog I've embedded a player that plays the archived episodes of the Mondo Cool Cast. Sadly it doesn't show the play list. It will play all the archived episodes but you need to use the next track button to browse through them...it doesn't offer any information. Kind of limited...but its free so who cares.

Also I recommend checking out episodes two and three of the Mondo Cool Cast...I think they're quality internet radio. The first episode can be skipped. It's just an hour of my talking about what my goals for the show are and a little bit of bullshitting. Good stuff.

Also I'll be appearing in an upcoming episode of Tiger Claw Radio. That'll be cool.

Also coming up on the Mondo Cool Cast I'll be talking to a good youtube friend of mine TheRealxXTubbyXx. We'll be talking about this totally rad video he shot of this arcade repair shop. Cool stuff.

Also I've got a few episodes planned out for the future of the show and at least the next few guests have been secured.


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