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Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, April 28, 2010 0 comments

I used to keep a training log on Xanga. It's been years since I've updated it. I may not continue posting training logs on here as it has nothing to do with vidja games but's my website.

So I was about 5.50 miles into my 9 mile run and the news paper jerk had been driving around the neighborhood forever. I couldn't make any kind of sense of their route as they'd gone up the same streets multiple times. I know these streets from living in the same neighborhood my entire life and because I have mapped out routes with precise mileage in various configurations so that I've got easy courses and up hill challenge courses for varied training.

Also it's awesome for training because at no point am I futher than about a quarter mile from my house should the need to drop a duece arise, which it often does, ask any distance runner. Shitting happens more than it should. Damn it. But Back to the News Jerk. One of the things I hate about running any time after 4 am is that's when the news jerks are out throwing papers at houses. I'd encountered this jerk like 3 times already. I don't mind so much when I'm running one way and they're coming towards me because we pass eachother and I don't have to worry about some moron driving eratically and stopping every 3 houses to throw papers. When we're going in the same direction and I have to kick up the pace to stay away from them it's good for training but annoying to feel chased for like a quarter mile to half mile. Lame.

Today though the third time I passed that dip shit they went past me then stopped at the corner. I noticed that they put their car in reverse as it's pitch ass black dark and easy to notice any increase in light. So they put their car in reverse and drive down the street and go about an eigth of a mile in reverse pull up beside me and start ogling. I'm pissed.

What's this jerk fucking staring at? There's tons of morning runners. It's about 4:30 am...its not unusual to see runners out at that time. I saw them all the time when I would be coming home from work around that time. Did they think I looked suspicious because they'd seen me so many times? I looked them in the eye and gave them a mean look and the finger. They put their shit box back into drive and carried on. I was pissed. Had they kept trailing me in reverse I probably would have had to pull them out of their turd bucket and beat their ass in the street.

I was running on the sidewalk because I knew there was a car coming...I generally run in the street unless there's cars coming. If I have my reflective gear on I might stay in the street if they're on the other side of a two lane road...but generally when some idiots driving at night I move to the side walk. Now this news jerk that pulled up on me in reverse was about 3 feet away from me. I was on the sidewalk then there's that little bit of grass between the side walk and the road....about three feet. They had pulled up to the curb right next to me. I'm pretty sure if they stayed there longer than it took for me to shoot a murderous look and the finger at them I would have approached the car and motioned to roll the window down. I'm not sure how that would play out but I'm imagining their limp body face down in the street would have played into the scenerio at one point.

Bottom line is when someone's twice your size and they're in the middle of their 9 mile champion run you probably don't want to fuck with them. They're bigger, have more endurance and you have no idea what their training for. I might have been some MMA meat head champion getting my endurance on for ripping people in half like phone books. Also I know I'm twice this persons size because I saw them get out of their car like 10 times. They were scrawny and short and posed zero physical threat.

The rest of the run was quite pleasent. The moon was full or near full, the sky crystal clear and gorgeous. Finished the run with a nice little sprint and felt faster than I have in years. Real champion beast shit.

Listened to some podcasts...about to send out some audio comments and work on my next youtube video.

Should I continue posting training logs? Leave comments.


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